Venice YMCA Triathlon Recap – Part One

I woke up bright and early, ready to take on my first sprint triathlon! Since the triathlon took place in my hometown, I stayed at my parents’ house last night. They, along with my 12 year old sister, loaded up the truck at 6:00am and we headed toward the triathlon site – just 15 minutes away!

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I set up my transition spot, and met a sweet girl next to me doing her first triathlon. We sat around for a while, waiting for the race to start at 7:30am. I had eaten a peanut butter and banana sandwich when I woke up, and tried to choke down another half peanut butter sandwich around 7:00am but I was too nervous.

I loved having my family there to support me.

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We headed down to the beach, and I took a few warm up laps in the ocean. I felt good to go!


Big smile. 🙂

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My Grandma even came out to cheer me on!

YMCA Tri  (15 of 128) - Copy

Aren’t you loving these great photos? This is what happens when your older sister also happens to be a professional photographer. Lucky me!

We watched the men 39+ start their race, then the men 40+. And then, it was my turn!

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And we were off!

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And then…I thought I was going to die. Those first 25m were brutal! My dad described it best after his last triathlon. He said,

“I felt like I was stuck in a phone booth with a dozen spider monkeys on Red Bull!!”

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That about explains it. I kept getting kicked, grabbed, attacked.  I couldn’t catch my breath. At one point, the girl next to me started doing the backstroke. How deflating! I tried to ignore her, and just kept swimming. I began focusing on my breathing and tried to envision myself swimming in the pool. Instead of breathing every third stroke, I started breathing every other stroke. It really helped me calm down my breathing.

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I felt much better after we turned around the first buoy. I started stretching out my stroke and got comfortable.

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We turned around the last buoy, and headed toward to shore. The water was beautiful and flat, but as we approached the shore, I got full sunshine in my face! Everytime I tried to sight the shoreline, I was blinded. I just tried to stay toward the center of the pack and swam toward the sound of the cheering voices. Before I knew it, I was done!

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I ran out of the water, and headed toward transition.

YMCA Tri  (50 of 128) - Copy

I just had to throw in this picture to show off my muscles. Haha.

YMCA Tri  (53 of 128)

Official swim time: 11:19

Stay tuned for the continuation of my triathlon recap!


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12 Responses to Venice YMCA Triathlon Recap – Part One

  1. Amazing! And I love that your Dad does triathlons, too. Are your other family members active too?

  2. mercade

    I’m impressed! I’m not comfortable in the water, so I could never do a tri! Great work! Love the photos! Your sister is a very talented photographer!

  3. Awesome job girl! Can’t wait to hear more!

  4. Awesome! The photos tell such a great story. I can’t wait for part II.

  5. Wow! Incredible. Can’t wait for part 2! You rock!

  6. You’re so lucky to have such great photos!! And you totally killed the swim. I did my 400 meters in like 14 minutes lmao. And today’s was double that, OI!! The swim is the worst. You looked great!

  7. Great job girl! Just found your blog! It’s nice to find other triathletes that blog 🙂 Looking forward to reading the rest of the race recap!

  8. Great job! I can’t wait to hear part II!!

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