Body After Baby: Three Months

It’s that time again! Time for my third installment of “Body After Baby.”

It is hard to believe that it has been three months since I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. This has definitely been the toughest month!

Since the last time I checked in, I have returned to work. It has been tough to find time to workout, and tough to make the right food choices. My life feels like a whirlwind most days – just to wake up and doing it all again the next day! But I’m trying to make exercise and eating right a priority.

Pounds lost: 5!

Pounds lost since giving birth: 28

Pounds to go until pre-pregnancy weight: 12

Almost there! What those number don’t take into account is the fact that I was in probably the best shape of my adult life when I got pregnant. I’m actually only two pounds away from the weight I was two years ago! Hard to believe.

And now what you’ve been waiting for…the progress photos!

If you’re new around here, take a look at my photos from one month post-partum…

And here are my comparison photos. The first (smaller) photos are from two months post-partum, and the second photos are from today.

I gotta say I’m pretty pleased with those results. I could definitely stand to do more toning (especially in my back!) but I’m actually just really happy I didn’t gain weight over this past month! Seeing the progress gives me motivation to keep making healthy choices.

See you next month for another edition of Body After Baby!


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2 Responses to Body After Baby: Three Months

  1. You look SO GREAT, Callie!

  2. I have to say thank you again! I was also in my best shape ever when I got pregnant, and then I packed on 45 lbs with pregnancy (with eating healthy and running my entire pregnancy). You really have made me feel much more positive about the progress I’m making right now!!!!!

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