Guide to the Rock n Roll St Pete Expo

I had a great time at the race expo today! In case you’re planning on going, here are a few tips to guide you:

1. Do NOT pay to park. 

Parking at the Expo is $15 – ouch. But don’ t worry, there is plenty of (free) street parking available! Only downside? It’s two hour parking. I could have easily spent more than two hours at the expo. But it’s probably a good thing I didn’t. My credit card would have gotten a workout.

2. If you forget your registration – it’s okay. 

This one was actually a bummer. The race website and registration form said that you MUST have your printed registration to be able to pick up your packet – not even a mobile version would be allowed. My friend Katie came to the Expo with her six month old baby and we met up outside the Trop. I asked her if she had remembered her registration and she realized she had forgotten it. She had to drive back home to get it. But then when we walked in we were told, no, you didn’t have to have it with you – you could fill out the waiver there. Grr.

3. The shirts are SMALL. 

This is a women’s large. Consider yourself warned.

4. Sign up for the Women’s Half Marathon.

First, stop by the booth and say hi to my friend Ellen!

(Their booth is in the back by the place where you have to pay to sign up for the shuttle back to the Trop from the finish line.)

Realize that they are running a special that makes the race only $75 if you sign up at the Expo – PLUS you get a free tech tee!

Convince two of your friends to sign up with you – and proudly wear your (free) WHM shirts!

That’s right – it’s official! I’ll be running the Women’s Half Marathon in St Petersburg this November!

Their shirts, by the way, run big. I much prefer my size small WHM tech tee to my size large RnR tech tee.

5. Get free Sport Beans.

Stop by the Fit2Run booth to grab these – these are actually my favorite things to use for fuel on my long runs!

6. Say hi to Team in Training.

That’s my friend KellyAnn – she’ll be running with Team in Training on Sunday!

7. Meet “The Penguin”.

I missed most of John Bingham‘s talk, but got to meet him afterwards!

Very nice guy. He’s speaking again tomorrow at 1pm – stop by and buy his book!

8. Enjoy a FREE fudge bar.

They aren’t kidding when they say these things are “SO Delicious”. YUM.

So there you have it, my guide to the St Pete Rock n Roll Half Marathon Expo. I hope you found it informative, or at least a little entertaining!

Have you ever signed up for a race at an expo? Which one?


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8 Responses to Guide to the Rock n Roll St Pete Expo

  1. Awesome, great tips! Thanks for doing this, we’re going tomorrow.

  2. Marlena

    Thanks for posting this. I’m about to head there now.

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  4. Rachel

    Hey great write-up! Thanks for the tip on the tees. I requested a small and I’m about the same size as you so I’ll definitely need to switch!

  5. Ali

    Thanks Callie – I am going over tomorrow and am excited about all they have. Did they have RnR t-shirts and other logo’ed items? Caroline got a cool shirt at the kick off party months ago and I’m hopeful they will have neat stuff tomorrow. I’m bummed by the shirts, I can’t stand white or tight. I have my form, but did not print it out and not sure my printer has ink . . . you are 100% sure I can go with out it and still get my stuff?

  6. hilARY

    Im running it sunday too! (my first half). Im in corral 9! if i see ya there ill say hi! based on your race recaps it looks like we have similar mile times!

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