I Have The Best Readers

I’m not just saying that.

I really do feel like I have the best readers in the whole wide world. Thank you for always being so supportive of me and all my endeavors. I love that some of you have literally been reading my blog for YEARS.

Many of you remember the day I ran my first race after having a baby.

Some of you remember the day I gave birth.

A few of you even remember the day I got married!

So I wanted to do something special to say “THANK YOU.”

Remember my unsolicited review of my favorite water bottle?

I wish I could say that Brita reached out to me and offered to give me a free water bottle to give away.

They didn’t.

Oh well.  No hard feelings, Brita.

So where did this little guy come from?

Well, I had a $2/off coupon…and I saw these at Publix…so I decided to buy you one.

Err…not you, persay. I mean you in the collective. As in “y’all”.

My husband didn’t quite understand. “Why did you buy a water bottle to give away on your blog?”

Umm. Because I love you guys? And because you love me. I think that’s enough.

So here we go. It’s time for a Brita water bottle giveaway!

To enter, just leave a comment telling me how long you’ve been reading this little blog of mine. It doesn’t have to be exact – even just “about two weeks now” works for me.

But I am really curious to try to figure out who has been reading the longest. And sorry mom, you don’t count. 🙂

I’ll draw the winner randomly on Friday at 5pm.

Ready? GO!


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79 Responses to I Have The Best Readers

  1. I would love one of these water bottles just to have on hand for when I’m out in public and I’m not so sure about the water.

    I don’t exactly know how long I’ve been reading, probably since you were pregnant, that’s when I find a lot of the blogs I follow. I happen to jump on when someone’s pregnant 🙂

  2. About a year and I am loving it! I am even more into it now that I am pregnant!

  3. Kim

    I’ve been reading since your “On Behalf of the 10+ Min/Milers”. I saw another blogger post about it on Twitter and clicked on over. I am more of a 12+ Min/Miler, but it’s an improvement from my 15+ Min/Miles from just 6 months ago. Keep up the good work and good luck with your 1/2 this weekend!

  4. Aw, you are so sweet. I love Brita and would love to win that bottle! I started reading your blog about three months ago & I love it! Thanks for being so awesome =)

  5. Stephanie

    I’ve been reading for four months or so now! I found you through Meghann over at Meals & Miles. =)

  6. I’ve only been reading your blog regularly for a few weeks, but have followed you on twitter for awhile now. I remember the day you gave birth!

  7. I’ve only been reading for a week or so, but I imagine I’ll keep reading for a long time! As I inch my way toward pregnancy (still a year or two away!) I need all the healthy/hottie mommy inspiration I can get.

  8. I don’t need an entry (because I own a zillion water bottles already) but I’ve bee reading since right around your first triathlon! I think we both just discovered triathlon at the same time so it was fun to see someone going through the same learning experiences as me.

    And one of the reasons I keep reading is because – aside from you being super sweet – you’ve done exactly what I hope to do someday. Have a healthy and active pregnancy so you can have an active and healthy life with your family! Sounds cheesy but seriously its nice to know that as someone who struggles with my weight already it really IS POSSIBLE!

  9. Nadine

    About 6 months! We moved to Tampa 8 months ago and I found you through Courtney and Meaghann! Love your honesty.

  10. Oh gosh, I can’t remember when I started reading your blog. It was definitely before you were pregnant! I think it was around the time of your first triathlon. I actually found your blog through some of the other healthy lifestyle bloggers and I was intrigued by your message. 🙂

  11. I’ve been reading since the Mini Athlete made his way into the world!

  12. Gretchen

    since right after patrick was born!

  13. I’ve been reading since “On Behalf of the 10+ Min Milers” too! Someone retweeted the post, and when I went to read it, I knew I was adding your blog to Google Reader!

    Like Kim above, I’m more of a 12+ minute mile runner, but reading blogs like yours is helping motivate me to work on speed at the same time I am training for my 1st marathon in June.

    As for water bottles, I love them. I am always searching for “good” water bottles, where good = I will drink lots of water out of it each day, because I love the bottle so much.

  14. I have been reading your blog for a few months now! Love it! 🙂

  15. Beth B.

    Hmm. I don’t really know when I started reading your blog, but I think it was when you were towards the end of your pregnancy.

    And just wanted to say thanks for the half-marathon inspiration. I will be running my first one on April 1! I have been training since the start of the new year and somehow you have made me believe I might actually be able to do this!!

  16. I’ve been reading since last Monday, haha.

  17. I’ve been reading for about a month, since Team Tough Chik was born!!

  18. I just discovered you this year. In January I decided I wanted to find some other mother runners and I found your blog 🙂

  19. I think I’ve been reading since right before you had the Mini Athlete!

  20. What about Dad?
    I have been reading your blog forever! 🙂

  21. Amanda

    I’ve been reading since right around the time Mini Athlete was born 🙂

  22. I had to go back and check, because I remembered the post that got me hooked was the one where you told about your tri-suit from Goodwill. So it has been about 1,5 years. I don’t think I have ever commented and there is no need to include me in the give-away because I am international, but I do wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog! Greetings across the pond from Germany.

  23. I’ve also been reading since “On Behalf of the 10+ Min Milers”. That post inspired me in so many ways, and helped me embrace my 10 minute mile pace. 🙂

  24. Definitely a few months now. There’s probably a way to find out exactly how long in Google Reader, but I’m too lazy to figure it out, ha ha. I really love your blog 🙂

  25. Jessica

    Although I’ve never commented, I’ve been reading your blog since around the time you got pregnant with the mini athlete!

  26. No entry for me either please. I have been reading since your hubby did the ragnar with meghann.

  27. oh gosh…um, since you were a few months pregnant i think!

  28. I would say that I have been reading it for about a month now … I think? 🙂

  29. Rebecca

    What a nice idea! I have been reading for about eight or nine months.

  30. I started reading about a month before you had your baby.

  31. Alanna

    I can’t really remember how long ive been reading, probably around 5-6 months. I loved when you reviewed this bottle and would love to win one!

  32. I live in the UK and I know it would be ridiculous to send a bottle to the UK, so while I know I can’t take part in your very cool giveaway, I just wanted to say that I have been reading your Blog for about a month and I look forward to each and every post! I love it! I am now going to try and find out if I can get one of those bottles over here lol 🙂

  33. Rachel

    Randomly found you on Twitter about 6 months ago, and I’ve been reading your blog ever since! And your tweets of course!

  34. I just found you over the weekend! I was doing a google search for Disney Princess run/ costumes and came across your blog! I have been reading your past blogs and liked you on FB so I wouldnt miss out on all your new posts! :-))

  35. Theresa

    Ive been reading since u were abu 35 weeks pregnant! Found u thru meals and miles and I feel like I can really relate to u 🙂

  36. Aria

    I started reading just before you found out you were pregnant but this my 1st time commenting 🙂

  37. I found you when we were both pregnant about a year ago!! What a difference a year makes!!

    *fingers crossed I win* I’ve been eyeing that water bottle since you did the review on your blog!!

  38. I’ve been reading for about a month and I love your posts because they’re easy to relate to and you write with such honesty!

  39. Mandy

    I’ve been reading for about 5 months and I love it!

  40. Matteson @Healthy High Schooler

    To be honest, I’ve only been a reader for a few months now, but I have followed you on Twitter, and loved seeing you on Meals & Miles for a really long time! Your motivation is so inspiring!

  41. I really like your blog and have been reading since your post about the 10+ minute mile runners. It was one of the best posts I have read in a long time.

  42. Lindsay

    I have been reading your blog since before mini athlete was born! 🙂

  43. I’ve been reading since Feb. 15 when you posted about The One That Got Away — the Sarasota 1/2 Marathon. I followed the link from the Sarasota 1/2’s Facebook page they posted & have been reading ever since! A whole 5 days. 🙂 I also grew up in Sarasota so it’s nice to read about a local.

  44. I don’t comment much, but I started reading shortly after you announced your pregnancy and have enjoyed your blog ever since.

  45. Amanda

    Started reading back when you were August Bride 🙂

    I loved following your adventures of planning the wedding of your dreams.

  46. Liz

    I started reading when you did the Bondi Band fundraiser… I still wear and love mine!

  47. Anna S.

    I can’t remember exactly, but it was sometime when you were pregnant. Haha. That narrows it down to nine months?

  48. Since November I think? Like I mentioned the other day, I first notice your St. Pete location thanks to Meghann’s blog. I’m glad to say you are a “daily read” for me now!

  49. Aww, look at you and that bottle, so cute! 😉 I’ve beenn reading since Meghann linked your recap to the 1/2 marathon sooo umm 2ish weeks? 😉

  50. Alicia

    About 6 months! Love your blog!

  51. I’ve been reading since you had your other blog about your wedding. Not sure why, but I don’t comment. Need to fix that situation!

  52. Danielle

    I started reading right after you had your son! Love your blog!

  53. jessica

    good question. I think i started reading shortly before you gave birth.

  54. I have only been reading your blog for about a month or so now, but I love it. You have quickly become one of the hoofs I look forward to reading most each day!

  55. Kim A.

    been reading your blog about 2 months…love it and find it very inspirational!! 🙂

  56. nicole

    Hello! I started reading just before you had the Mini-Athlete, so was that April/May maybe? I stumbled upon your blog through another blog I read. I like reading b/c you are real and honest and do it all from family to work to running! and I love seeing pics of Fla =) Happy Running — good luck!!

  57. Haley

    I’ve been reading since towards the end of your pregnancy…and wish I started sooner!

  58. Ohhh since I found out we were on the same team for the 1Day Relay! I loveddd meeting you there, and am soo happy we have stayed in touch!!

  59. Cindy

    I actually just found your blog within the last couple of months. I think another blogger linked to you. I’m glad they did. 🙂

  60. I think I started reading your blog about two months ago. I found your blog on a website for healthy living bloggers and checked out all the Florida bloggers…neighbors! ha almost

  61. I’m new-ish….been reading about a month. I found your blog through someone elses (can’t remember where??) because I’m 15 weeks pregnant and have been looking for healthy living/fitness -themed blogs of people who are mommies! Trying to gain some inspiration and see how it’s done so I can follow in the footsteps! : ) I haven’t commented before, but I’m loving your blog, your attitude/spirit, and think you’re great!

  62. I have been reading your blog since last Summer! I love it!

  63. I started reading your blog when you were at August 15 (I think that’s the day) Bride! I rarely comment, but it has been nice seeing you grow as a person!

  64. Jen

    I have only been ready your blog for 2 weeks, but I love it. I can relate to so much of what you say!

  65. Jen

    I have only been ready your blog for 2 weeks, but I love it. I can relate to so much of what you say! Thanks for the encouragement.

  66. Hello!
    I am actually a brand new reader/follower… been following your moms blog for quite a while and kept clicking over to check out stuff she said about you!
    But now, no more a stalker, I am a subscriber!

  67. I’ve been reading your blog for about 3 or 4 months. I really enjoy your posts!

  68. Shaina Reynolds

    About 6 months I guess! I can’t keep track! Just check it almost daily and catch up when I haven’t checked for a few days! 🙂 I’m a wannabe athlete too! About ready to start a blog and wishing I could snatch your name! Just kidding! But really, I guess I need to get creative!

  69. Abby

    I’ve been reading since about 4 weeks before you gave birth to the mini athlete.

  70. Megan

    I have no idea how long I’ve been reading, but since right before you were pregnant I think. Love your blog!

  71. Sara

    I have to admit that I hardly ever comment, but I’ve been reading for a long time! We got married a week apart and I’ve been reading since you posted about your wedding plans on your old blog! I can’t remember how I found it in the first place, though. I remember being sad when you stopped posting there because I enjoyed your posts and felt like we had a lot in common. So, I was excited when you posted again and about this blog. Anyways, I do talk to you a little on twitter (sara822) and thought I should formally introduce myself 🙂 I love your blog and am so encouraged because I, too, am a wannabe athlete!

  72. margaret

    Callie – I’ve been reading about 6 months, you have a beautiful family, and always keep me inspired

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