A Sweet Family Memory

Sometimes I write blog posts for you…but sometimes I write them for me. This is one of those times I am writing for me – because I don’t want to forget this sweet memory.

I’ve been traveling a lot and my family hasn’t had the “together” time we usually do. I called my husband last night on my way home from work and he and the Mini Athlete were about to head to his office so he could finish a few things. He said they would wait for me to get home so we could all go together.

I knew I had a lot of packing to do, and for a brief moment I thought about saying no, I have too much to do. But I’m so glad I didn’t. I decided instead that time with my family would be more important than another load of laundry to pack.

When I got home, we piled in the car and headed to his office – usually about a 20 minute drive away in Tampa. We got on the Howard Frankland Bridge – a very long bridge spanning Tampa Bay – and traffic stopped. We weren’t even to the “hump” (locals will know what I mean.) Before long, the Mini Athlete started crying, frustrated that we weren’t moving.

We could have all gotten frustrated. My husband had work to do. I had packing to do. And the Mini Athlete just doesn’t like sitting still.

But instead, I started to sing. We started to sing. I cannot tell you how many renditions we sang of “Old MacDonald” – the Mini Athlete’s favorite when he’s cranky in the car. My husband and I laughed and laughed as we came up with new animals on the farm. My husband cracked up at my interpretation of the noise a manatee makes and I laughed so hard when he sang that Old MacDonald had an iPhone and continued to sing what Siri would have told the old farmer.

We were stuck in the car, but we were happy. We were a family. My heart has never been so full.

Eventually, the Mini Athlete fell asleep and I looked over at my husband. I have loved that man a long time, but there is something about laughter and joy and singing together that makes me love him all the more.

I encourage you to decide today that the next time you get stuck in traffic, or the next time you feel rushed with too many things to do, take a moment. Sing. Laugh. Be together. Such a simple moment may turn into one of your favorite memories. It certainly did for me.


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7 Responses to A Sweet Family Memory

  1. Such a sweet picture, very cute baby!

  2. This is a beautiful moment you’ve shared with us. Thanks for the encouragement to turn otherwise negative experiences into positive ones.

  3. I will remember this post the next time I think I have more important things to do than hang out with my family. Thank you!

  4. Aawwwwwwww!!!! Does he love his sophie? I so wish I knew about them when my boys were younger. They loved to chew on things LOL Thanks for the slow down reminder. 🙂

  5. Bernadette

    As a fellow mother I LOVE THIS!! You are such a sweet pure soul and that is what keeps me coming back!


  6. I love this story. It’s all so true! Good luck running this weekend!

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