Business Cards for Bloggers?

Guess what came in the mail the other day??

That’s right – I have business cards. One thousand of them to be exact. Well, 998 now since I’ve given two away.

(Yes, I blurred out my phone number. Sorry, just don’t want to get quite THAT personal here.)


Don’t you just love them? I do. Especially this:

I feel so high tech with my own personal QR code! People can simply scan that code and it takes them right to my blog.

Some of you are surely asking…WHY would someone need a business card for their blog?


Yes, there is networking in blogging. How many times have you mentioned to someone, “I have this blog…” Rather than scratching down the address on a napkin, just hand them your card.

Take them to race expos. Do you see a brand you’d like to work with? Strike up a conversation and hand over your business card. There are a million blogs out there – make yours memorable.

This goes for conferences too. If you’re lucky enough to go to Healthy Living Summit, FitBloggin’ or some other conference, a business card is a great way for people to follow up with you after the conference.

Convinced yet?

I worked with a local small business to make my business cards – Dent Marketing.  Joe is awesome to work with – he designed my cards and printed them for me. I couldn’t be happier with them!

If you are in need of business cards (for your blog or otherwise), Joe is running a special right now – just $15 for 1,000 cards! You really can’t beat that deal.

Support small business: Visit the Dent Marketing website and order those business cards you’ve been thinking about forever. (ETA: Looks like the website isn’t working – email him directly at joe (at) and he’ll hook you up!)

Disclaimer: Joe made my cards for free in exchange for telling you all about his awesome services. But I don’t get any kick backs or anything if you buy business cards from him – and you really can’t beat that deal!





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13 Responses to Business Cards for Bloggers?

  1. Very nice, Callie! Promoting your blog + supporting a local small business? Win-win!

  2. Hi! I love this idea! I tried to click on the link to the deal on his website, but it comes back with an error message. Any ideas? I’d love to order some! 🙂

  3. The link on your posting works, but not on his site. I clicked on “services”, then down at the bottom where the deal is advertised, and that’s the link that doesn’t work. I’ll definitely pop over an email!

    Btw- LOVE your blog! I got into 5ks during my 100lb weightloss. Completed my first sprint tri in 2010, then another one in 2011. I’m down about 20 more pounds and doing my first 15k next week at Gasparilla! Good luck on your princess half! That’s my goal for 2013- a half marathon! 🙂

  4. Hooray! Can’t wait to trade cards with ya this weekend!! =D

  5. Oooh – they turned out great!

    I definitely want to get business cards for AE someday. But first I want a new layout & my very own logo! Chances are the new layout will happen soon (one of the benefits of being married to Ryan) and the logo will likely never happen. But I think cards are definitely in my future, just not the immediate future! I’ll definitely keep this post “stared” so I can make use of Dent Marketing’s local-ish business too!

  6. LOVE IT! And a QR code. Fancy schmancy!! 🙂

  7. I love your cards – they are so awesome!

    I have blog business cards (with my old blog design on the), but I am going to keep Joe in mind for redoing them eventually. Thanks for the tip!

    Hope to meet up with you to exchange cards one day too. 😉

  8. Those are fantastic! Haha I was all giddy the first time I ever got business cards from work with my name on them. I don’t actively network though so I cannot see me needing cards. Yours are soooo cute though!!

  9. That’s awesome! They look great 🙂

  10. LOVE this post! I already emailed Joe and ordered some cards from him! I cannot wait to get them in the mail. I saw you mentioned he does logo designs too. I might have to see if he can work his magic on a logo for my blog as well!

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