Suncoast Classic 5k – And A New Stroller!

While I had fun at Disney last weekend, my husband Nate ran in a local race back in St. Petersburg. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but Nate is anything but a “wannabe” athlete. He has natural athletic ability and can run FAST.

He ran the 5k with the Mini Athlete in our jogging stroller – the one we got on Craigslist for $40. Even though the Mini Athlete is big enough to sit up in a stroller, the seat is stuck in the “recline” position and he is not very happy laying down during a run. So we still run with him in his infant carrier in the stroller.

Since he has just about outgrown his infant carrier, this is clearly not a solution that will last much longer. But he did enjoy it during this race. Apparently everytime he and my husband passed a runner, the Mini Athlete would yell “ARRGHHHHH!!!!” at the runner they passed. Hilarious. I’m sure the other runners weren’t so amused. 🙂

Don’t forget that the infant carrier is HEAVY! But despite all that, my speedy husband still finished 4th in his age group with a time of 23:20 – a 7:31 min/mile pace. AMAZING.

But pushing a 20 pound baby IN an infant carrier in a jogging stroller that is falling apart wasn’t easy.

We clearly needed to make a change. When my inlaws offered to buy us a new jogging stroller, we jumped at the chance and I started stalking Craigslist. No luck.

I sent out a plea on the IRunMommies Facebook page, asking if anyone had a stroller they were looking to sell. We ended up finding this beauty!

It’s the BOB Revolution stroller and I absolutely cannot wait to take it out for a spin. We picked it up after church this morning and I’m hoping the weather improves a bit tonight so we can try it out. I’ll be sure to give you all a full review!

Have you ever been passed at a race by someone pushing a stroller? I know when a woman passes a guy, you say they were “chicked” – what do you say if someone passes you in the stroller?  


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12 Responses to Suncoast Classic 5k – And A New Stroller!

  1. Um, your baby making noises when they passed people is absolutely adorable! Seriously the cutest thing I’ve heard this weekend:) I wish I had natural running ability, but it’s a fight almost every step of the way. Enjoy your new stroller!

  2. Rebecca

    The mini athlete is so cute!

  3. Maybe you’d say you got “rolled?” LOL Too funny. Nate is amazing! Congrats on the new stroller 🙂

  4. I like Caroline’s suggestion – I got “rolled,” although personally if I get passed by someone pushing a jogging stroller I think to myself, “I suck” =)

    Way to go hubs!

  5. amy

    david regurlarly does races with the double bob rigged up as a triple. he definitely passes people. I did a race last summer at the beach and a woman was pushing a triple stroller ON THE BEACH, and she was FAST. I can only imagine how fast she would have been without the stroller.

  6. Bridget

    Ok, I THOROUGHLY did not appreciate them passing me as I was coming around 1.5 mile mark and he was about to cross the finish line. I believe I stuck out my tongue. Ha Ha.. Itwas great that they did it together and joined us that day!

  7. So impressed with that find! Even I know that BOB’s are the best strollers around. When I have kids I will need you to help me with that aspect of money saving!

  8. Lee


    I did a 10K in January and there was a woman hot on my tail with a stroller. I was like, “I cannot let this woman beat me!!” Provided good motivation.

    The mini-athlete is extremely cute.

  9. Jen

    you will love your BOB! Trust me I have been passed by several people passing jogging stollers.

  10. Dana

    I don’t normally think of it when I get passed by someone pushing a stroller. (Oh, maybe I think “Well they have an advantage on the downhill… that’s why they’re passing me… right?”) But the time I got passed by a grandma pushing a double stroller with 2 of her grandkids – and did I mention she was barefoot – that time I was so depressed I actually took a walk break.

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