Family Rivalry

Yesterday, we were a house divided. I am a UNC alum and my husband is an FSU alum.

FYI: It’s not easy to take a self-portrait with my husband.

Just in case you’re not into college basketball, UNC played FSU yesterday for the ACC championship. “Intense” is one word to describe the game, and unfortunately, it didn’t have the result I would have liked. Dangit. Good thing the tournament is about to start – time to fill out my bracket!

After the game, I took the Mini Athlete out for a run in our new jogging stroller.

We recently got this BOB Revolution stroller off Craigslist for $200.

It is used, but barely. My husband took it out for a spin the other day and said it would take some getting used to – he loved the old rickety one we had.

I decided to take it out to see for myself. This version of the BOB can either be fixed wheel or not. I tried it with the fixed wheel…and hated it. Maybe it’s because the tire pressure is a little low, but for some reason the stroller kept veering to the right. It takes a lot of strength to get the stroller going in the right direction and it wore me out. I stopped and let the wheel swivel and WOW. Suddenly I saw what all the hype is about!

Smooth ride. Easy to handle.

Loved it.

The only downside? Acts like a parachute on a windy day. We didn’t go too far because of the wind resistance and because I haven’t run with a stroller in a while. It’s a whole different motion. My obliques were burning by the end of the run – which is clearly a sign I need to do this more often.

That photo just might be my new favorite. His toes crack me up.

What a great weekend. Over too quickly…as always.

Tell me about your weekend – did you watch any basketball? Go on any runs? 


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14 Responses to Family Rivalry

  1. Mini athlete is SO precious!!! Ahhh too adorable 😀

  2. I never understood the fixed wheel thing either! I don’t have a BOB, but my city mini does way better with the swivel wheel over the fixed. PS- that last picture is SO. freaking. CUTE.

  3. Oh my goodness. He is so cute!!

  4. I think you win the award for the world’s smiley-ist Baby! He is so adorable!

  5. I didn’t get to hang out with anyone nearly as adorable as Mini Athlete unfortunately…but I do feel you on the rivalry situation. My bf and I are divided in a few ways- we watched the Champs Sports Bowl (FSU v. Notre Dame) together in Boston at an FSU bar, and we’re going into baseball season as rivals in the AL East. Here’s hoping we make it 🙂

  6. ahhh he is just the cutest thing EVER. look at that smile. adores his mama

  7. Your Son is sooooo beautiful! Yes his toes are so cute, I love the way they made it onto the bottom of the photo 🙂 Just gorgeous!!

  8. Oh his little piggies! And that smile! Adorable.

  9. Landi

    Adorable picture! He looks proud of his mama.

  10. Sally

    That last picture is great! So adorable…I just love baby feet! 🙂

  11. I had that exact BOB, until I upgraded to a double, and I never used the fixed wheel. It is a great stroller.

  12. Omg, super cute picture of the Mini Athlete! My boyfriend and I like rival NFL teams so the entire football season can get a little rough between us. Except when my team wins the super bowl and he can’t say anything hehehe.

    I’m not super into basketball, but I did PR in a 5K!

  13. That is the best picture right there!!! Sooooo Cute! I wanna smooch him and his toes.

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