My Next Half Marathon

As you might remember, the next “big” race on my schedule is the Athleta IronGirl Half Marathon on April 22 in Clearwater. I’m starting to get a little nervous about it. Why? Because I don’t really have a plan.

Here is what my “long runs” of the weekends of the past month have looked like:

2/12 – St Pete Rock n Roll Half Marathon

2/18 – 4 Miles

2/26 – Disney Princess Half Marathon

3/3 – 5 Miles

3/11 – 2 Miles

3/17 – Harvey’s 5k

I know it’s only been three weeks since I ran a half marathon, but it feels like a really long time since I’ve run a “long” distance. I really should have run a long run this past weekend, but it just didn’t happen. And that’s okay.

But I need to start upping my distances again. So here’s what I’m hoping to run the next five weekends:

3/24 – 6 Miles

3/31 – 8 Miles

4/7 – 12 Miles

4/14 – Sharkstooth 10k

4/22 – Athleta IronGirl Half Marathon

Something you should know about my next half marathon? It has bridges. As in more than one. And these aren’t little canal bridges. These are these kinds of bridges:

(Photo courtesy of Caroline who got it from her friend Jenny)

Maybe that incline won’t bother those of you who run hills all the time, but where I live is flat flat flat. I’m hoping to get over to run at least one of the course bridges sometime before race day.

I’m not sure yet how much pressure I want to put on myself to PR at this half marathon. I’d like to say I’m going to run it “for fun”, but I know my competitive side will kick in when I get to that starting line. Just in case you missed it yesterday, I asked do you run every race to PR? I’m loving all the comments!

The weird thing about my next half marathon? It’s the last “big” race on my calendar until November. I’m thinking I might need to find a few new goals to keep me motivated through the summer. Nothing keeps me going like having a race on the horizon!

What’s the next “big” race on your calendar and what are you doing to get ready for it? 



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  1. I would run some bridges between no and then to help them not seem so bad on race day! I hear ya on the long summer. my last half is april 15, and even then I am scared it will be too hot.
    I wont run a half till october in NOLA. I will run a coupl 5k’s probably between now and may, but after that I won’t race till september. lots of yoga, weight lifting, and shirter/speedier TM runs for the summer!

  2. I need to get to those bridges before apr 22 also! Eek!

  3. amy

    you don’t have to go all the way to clearwater to get a few good bridges in….
    the meisner bridge (on the way out to the skyway) is just as big….though perhaps not as long.
    Park at the hotel on skyway lane (last exit before the bridges) you can get a good long run in with 2 bridges in each direction. for a lot less driving.

  4. Girl I ran those bridges….4 times…the first one isn’t hard but the second one is a beast! I’m not sure if you run both. It gets hot out there fast too. I knew I should’ve run hills before Clearwater, but you need to do the hills are the end of a long run and that’s hard to do unless you’re on a treadmill. Good luck and don’t stress about the PR. Just aim to finish strong!

  5. I sooo wish I was going to be in town to run IronGirl! My next big race is the marathon! I have 6 weeks to go, and at this point, I am just getting antsy! I feel like I am in great shape, and just want to make it to race day with no injuries!

  6. My next big race is a full in November too – it stinks that there aren’t any great races around here until next Fall … that’s why we have to pack so many in from November through March!

    You’re tempting me to run that half too … since I had to miss one yesterday due to injury, it’s about time I get one on the book and it’s the last one possible before race season ends …

    We ‘re doing the Miles for Moffitt in May too – that’s always a good race, but not a half.

  7. My big race is the Broad Street 10 miler at the beginning of May… and then my first half over Memorial Day weekend. I’m started to freak out about the long distances as well… but I know the runs will get easier as I go. Right now my shins randomly hurt and I’m wondering if I’ve been running too many hills… hopefully no shin splints for me :/

  8. Just last week I signed up for the Wisconsin Half Marathon. It will be my longest race since last year in July. I got married and life got a little busy so this is my “comeback” race. 🙂 I’m very competitive with myself so I expect myself to run like I was running a year ago which I know isn’t realistic so I’m trying to focus on having fun and keeping my expectations in check. Having races on my calendar is great motivation to keeping me active and getting myself back to running like I was last year.

  9. I can’t run a single run without hitting some pretty big hills in my area and I still think that bridge hill looks scary! haha!

    I’m sure you’ll do great though. 🙂

  10. Oooh next big race would be Chicago Marathon in October though I’m sure I’ll be running others before then! Definitely gonna do some hills for training so that when I run that flat course, it will feel supereasy. It’s all prep on this one!

  11. I feel like I’m kind of in the same boat. Even though I did 9 miles two Saturdays ago, for some reason I decided not to run for the whole next week. Then I did Harvey’s 5K on Saturday. So I need to start piling on the miles again NOW for the Iron Girl Half. My plan is 6,9,10,12 for the next four Saturdays before the race (with two shorter runs during the weeks). Time to pound the pavement again! I think maybe that’s why I sort of took this past week off. I knew it was my only chance for a breather. I’ve done seven races already this year! Burn out! I’m kind of looking forward to summer without races. The Meek & Mighty and Shore Acres 5K are the last things on my calendar until the fall.

  12. Now that’s a bridge! LOL! I’m sure you’ll do fine – you’re a Princess, remember? 😉

    My next big race is the Zooma Atlanta half marathon on April 22. Looking forward to it. 8 miles is the longest I’ve run since Disney.

    Winks & Smiles,

  13. Carolyn

    I think you should always strive for your best… But remember… Its going to be hot on April 22nd so that can effect your PR efforts.

  14. Those bridges will be AWESOME! So cool.

    I really need to set a next race. I don’t have one yet 🙁 I need something to motivate me to keep up with my training and to look forward to! Thanks for the inspiration, Callie

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