Macy’s Ideology Activewear Giveaway!

Did you notice the sweet new tank top I wore at the Grand Prix 5k?

Macy’s actually contacted me a week or two ago and asked me to review an item from their Ideology line on my blog. I saw this tank on their website:


And I thought it would be perfect for the race. I mean, don’t those look like racing stripes to you?

I liked the tank a lot, but it wasn’t quite breathable enough for the Florida heat and humidity – few tanks are. I think this top would be perfect for a gym workout or a run someplace with less humidity. My favorite feature on it? It has an awesome pocket on the front left hip!  I can fit my whole Droid phone in it. Love that.

I also loved the fit of the tank. It had a nice v-neck without being too deep. It also has a shelf bra which is always nice for a little extra support.

The best part about this post?

Macy’s agreed to give you the same deal they gave me – one lucky lady will be able to pick out an Ideology item of your choice up to $30.

That’s another great thing about this line – it’s affordable!

Macy’s is also running a fun dance contest at Facebook to celebrate Ideology. If you’ve got the right moves, share a video at their Facebook page and you could score a VIP trip to LA to meet Cheryl Burke from Dancing With the Stars!

Want to win some new Ideology workout gear ? Leave me a comment and tell me something awesome you did over the weekend or why YOU deserve to win. (FYI – the winner will be chosen at random, I just want to read what you have to say!) 🙂

Additional entries:

  • “Like” my Facebook page and leave me a comment telling me you did (or already do!)
  • Follow me on Twitter (@AthleteWannabe) and leave a comment here with your Twitter handle.
A winner will be chosen on Wednesday at 8pm. Sorry, but the contest is open to US residents only.


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142 Responses to Macy’s Ideology Activewear Giveaway!

  1. I ran a half marathon – pushing my son in the jogging stroller the whole way! (He also deserves a reward for being good the whol etime!)

  2. I follow you – @girlevolving

  3. Awesome giveaway! This weekend I celebrated 50 days until graduation, even though it’s more like 42. I also ran 5 miles!

  4. I liked you on Facebook.

  5. And I’ve been following you on Twitter for a while. My handle is @inKleined!

  6. My sweety and I jogged a 5k Friday evening out on Bayshore. We’ve only been dating 9 months, but he has caught the running bug and is out there with me! So fun 🙂 I also hit up a Rays spring training game and got a nice farmer’s tan from it.

  7. I follow you on twitter! @fakedgoodsblog (that’s me). 🙂

  8. I liked you on Facebook! Yay! 🙂

  9. I actually stayed home on Sunday! It was amazing to sit and watch a movie lol!

  10. I cheered on my husband at his first 10k race!

  11. I follow you on twitter @runwithtongs

  12. Lisa

    I took a new yoga class that I loved.

  13. I ran 10 miles to train for the IronGirl 1/2 in Clearwater! I would love a new tank, thanks for the giveaway!

    Nice job on the 5k 🙂

  14. I ran the longest run I’ve ever done before, 10k!!!!!!!

  15. I ran 4 miles at a 9:52 pace! That never happens. 🙂

  16. Danielle

    I ran twice in the hills of San Francisco while on vacation – great workout!

  17. Sarah A.

    I’m ran my first post-baby 5k on Saturday! The weather was amazing, so I pushed my 3 month old daughter in the jogging stroller. This was actually her second time participating in this race. Exactly one year ago Saturday, I woke up, freaked out over a positive pregnancy test and decided to run the 5k anyway. My time this year was nowhere near a PR, but we finished together and I look forward to many more runs in the future!

  18. Sarah A.

    Also “Liked” you on FB 🙂

  19. Lauren

    I ran my first 10K this past Saturday! I read your post when you completed your first 5 mile run right around when I was convincing a friend to do a 5K with me. You completing the 5 miles inspired me to do the same. The 10K was my longest distance so far & your recent half-marathons have inspired me to strive for that goal next!

  20. Lauren

    I follow you on Twitter (@laurenjacre).

  21. Lauren

    And I “like” your Facebook page 🙂

  22. This weekend I finally broke my 10 min mile pace! I did 3 miles at and average of 9.43 min per mile. I was so proud of myself that I gave myself a high five right on the track.

  23. i focused on unplugging and spending time with my hubby!

  24. i follow you on twitter @LeanGrnBeanBlog

  25. Super cute! I love the pocket – much better than sticking my phone in my sports bra. 😉 And I ran 2 days in a row on NO sleep – proud of myself for pushing through!

  26. Angela

    I follow you on FB! 🙂

  27. Angela

    My family took our first family vacation. Granted it was only 1 or so north of us, but finally all four of us spent 2 days away from home. (I usually take one or both boys by myself traveling.) Our two sons (ages 5 and 3) were over the moon! Best.weekend.ever!

  28. Nicole

    I liked your facebook page!

  29. Bridget

    I ran 10 miles!

  30. This weekend I ran my 8th half marathon on the Charlotte Motor Speedway!!

  31. I’m finally at the point where I really need new workout gear, but it hasn’t been in the budget. This would be great to win! I already follow on FB.

  32. I also follow on Twitter (@APatchworkofBks). Thanks!

  33. I trained Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the RKC…and I’m attending the certification in St. Paul in 2.5 weeks! Need some new workout clothes. 🙂 🙂

  34. I deserve to win because 1. i am awesome and 2. i just went looking for new tanks for CrossFit and came home empty handed:(

  35. Finally got back on a training schedule and pounded out 7 miles solo without music. That’s pretty awesome 🙂

  36. I ran 11 miles this weekend and I biked 28 miles. My legs are so trashed because I did speed work on Friday. They still feel crappy but I have spin class on the schedule for tonight.

  37. And I follow you on Twitter! That’s how I learn about all these blog posts! (@Alyssa_DLD)

  38. Danielle

    I took my dog for two runs this past weekend! He has been in need of some solo walks since he has been having to share his time with our foster dog. But since she is recuperating from surgery, he got to have all of the fun to himself!

  39. I ran 7 miles this weekend at 20 weeks pregnant 🙂 A new tank would be great for post-baby!

  40. Brien27

    Great give away..I’ll start following on facebook to have a new workout gear…

  41. Shana

    I am training for my first marathon with a training group. This Saturday we were supposed to run 14 miles, but it was POURING rain so our coach said we were only going to run 9. 😉
    Anyway, I run at about 10:30 per mile and no one in the group runs at my pace! There are a few 10 min milers and the rest are over 11 min. I ran by myself! Maybe those racing stripes will help me go faster…or not. I just need to get out there and run! 🙂
    By the way, I liked you on Facebook last week! I am loving reading all your posts. 🙂

  42. Laurel C

    Yesterday I ran a 10k and PRed!!! and if that wasn’t awesome enough, I actually finished 2nd overall!!

  43. Laurel C

    I follow you on twitter! @pace_of_laurel

  44. Laurel C

    I like your Facebook page!
    Laurel Cedarblade

  45. One awesome thing I did this weekend was run 2.5 miles – awesome to me because I am 38 weeks pregnant and so happy to still be running!

  46. Kim

    I ran 8 miles with an old friend. It was great to catch up while getting a great workout. I would love a new tank top for the warm weather.

  47. Kim

    I’m following you in twitter.

  48. Kim

    I “liked” you on Facebook.

  49. I relaxed and got a facial. I am taking the steps to have awesome and clear skin!

  50. This weekend, I had a really good heart-to-heart with my mom and it really made me feel awesome 🙂

  51. Sunny

    We put up the awning on our camper, its almost camping season!

  52. Sunny

    I follow you on twitter, atinsley22

  53. katie

    I pr’ed my 10k over the weekend! Knocked over 3 minutes off 🙂

  54. Something awesome from the weekend – I dragged myself to a Saturday dance class, and ended up getting so into it, the instructor asked me to dance it for the class! Felt on top of the world. 🙂

  55. Saturday I played mini golf with my husband and Sunday we looked at potential houses to buy! Also, poured my heart out in a card I got for my parents 42nd wedding anniversary(which is today!)

  56. i follow you on twitter @whatnowtina

  57. Kelly

    Something awesome I did is… I finally got to see my husband who has been traveling for work every week!

  58. Jane

    I sewed an apron with my best friend and went out to ice cream to enjoy the crazy warm weather!

  59. I love running tanks with the little pocket. So convenient!

  60. I was my cousin’s coach/fan club for her first bike/run race on Saturday! It was so much fun to be out in the sunshine and to be out with people who love to be active!

    I am a Twitter and Facebook follower 🙂

  61. Diana

    I went for a 45 minute walk with my baby and husband. Why is this awesome you ask? Because my baby is only 5.5 weeks old and since she’s been born, I RARELY get out of the house! 🙂

  62. Pam

    Not so awesome weekend (worked 12 hour night shifts). Plan to make up for it when I’m off, though!

  63. Pam

    I liked you on FB.

  64. Hilary

    I already like your Facebook Page!

  65. Hilary

    This past weekend I volunteered at the ALA Fight for Air Climb in Downtown Tampa at the BOA Building! I was on the 42nd floor cheering the 1000+ Participants who climbed 913 stairs! There were tons of firefighters who climb in all their gear! 70+ pounds of it. It was awesome to see I would highly recommend it for any locals!

  66. I went to a high school lacrosse jamboree, my boyfriend is a first year varsity coach & I went to support his team!

  67. Love the tank! I deserve to win because I knocked out an 8 miler in cold, rainy weather. (I also follow you on twitter and like your page on FB)

  68. Amy

    This weekend I did Jillian Michael’s yoga dvd, which was CRAZY HARD, but awesome!

  69. Amy

    I liked you on facebook!

  70. Amy

    I follow you on twitter! @eatteachrun 🙂

  71. I ran for 15 minutes straight. This is something that I’ve never doen before. I’m training for a 10k and slowly working my way up.

  72. I follow you on twitter, @thesheenbean .

  73. I also am a fan of your facebook page!

  74. SO, not exactly the weekend, but today (Monday) my Momma & I went to Disney. I mean, technically it was my Saturday since I worked all weekend!!

  75. I follow you on Facebook!!!

  76. I placed for the first time in a 5k!! I got third 🙂

  77. I also follow you on twitter @risforrunning 🙂

  78. Awesome giveaway. I have a Droid too and it doesn’t fit in ANYTHING. That’s so great that it fits in the pocket of this tank. I’m constantly on the look-out for unobtrusive pockets in the things. Too cool.

    What did I do awesome? Well my husband was out of town from Thursday to Sunday, so I was a single mom all weekend. And it was NOT easy. How do single parents do it? Despite it, I was even able to squeeze in one trip to the gym. I couldn’t do more because I never can seem to coordinate with the gym’s kiddie gym hours!

  79. I already like your Facebook page!

  80. Christie

    I haven’t heard of this line of activewear from Macy’s – looks awesome! I always love trying out new gear. This weekend was not a super “active” one for me – hubby was out of town. My girls came to Baby Boot Camp with me and helped us during the workout. The rest of the weekend was mommy/daughter time, so fun! And, of course, I already like you on Facebook!

  81. And I follow you on Twitter too! My handle is @momjoviblog

  82. Cute tank! I got a pedicure and it was fabulous!

  83. I ran 10 miles with another awesome IRun Mommy, Caroline!

  84. I “like” you on FB!

  85. I played with my new puppy! And I actually totally noticed that you were wearing a cute workout top and wondered if it was new 🙂

  86. I like you on Facebook!

  87. This weekend I got back on track with my healthy eating/fitness goals after a week long vacation!

  88. Following on Twitter. My handle is @stillamile

  89. Jess

    Was pretty selfless this past weekend… helped my Husband’s family while his Grandpa was in the hospital. Also went to a friend’s fundraiser- “Paws for Patriots” to help raise $ for him to get a seeing eye dog. He was blinded in Afghanistan. Need to get my butt back out there and run soon. A new shirt might be just what I need :).

  90. Jennifer

    I had an adult weekend with the hubby. We went to my BIL’s surprise 30th birthday party in Atlanta. My parents watched the kiddos. I slept late and did not exercise once. It felt great but I will pay for it tomorrow.

  91. Jennifer

    I already like your Facebook page.

  92. Bri

    This past weekend I ran my first official half marathon of 2012, rounding my half Mary total up to a whopping 9!! Wasn’t my best race but it was a good start to spring race season. 4 weeks til marathon #2! 🙂

  93. Bri

    I like you on FB!

  94. Bri

    I definitely follow you on the twitter 😉 @runbmc_

  95. Spent Saturday made up like a wolf monster promoting a fun 5k race in Winter Garden.
    Sunday was fantastic because I nearly bagged my scheduled 10-11 mile run…but once I got out there and just listened to my body, I felt so good that I ended up doing 14.5! My farthest distance yet!

  96. I follow you on twitter. @AshPrice416

  97. I went to a group run for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon. I’m training with myTeamTriumph Wisconsin, which is an athletic ride-along program for people with disabilities–able-bodied individuals (called Angels) push people with disabilites (called Captains). It’s been my favorite training plan so far!

  98. I also follow you on Twitter! @_allisonpierce_

  99. Cheryl

    I ran 10 miles over the weekend and was excited to wear some new workout clothes I got on sale but when I got home after my run I realized I was so sweaty that my blue sport bra bled through my peach tank top. I was a little embarrassed I guess you do get what you pay for. This is why I think I should win some new quality workout gear.

  100. I went to the Greek Parade in NYC to celebrate our Independence day. My toddler MG was in the parade and was dressed up in old fashioned military uniform (
    I follow you on Facebook
    I follow you on twitter also. You can find me @HappyMotherRun

  101. I love running tops!! This one looks especially nice! I would rather run in running tops than tshirts any day because of the support they give! 🙂 Works great for biking too!

  102. kia

    Over the weekend I slugged out a run with my Saturday morning group. I am proud of it because I was exhausted and did not want to be there, but did it.

  103. I like your facebook page too. 🙂

  104. Beth B.

    Awesome-ness over the weekend…that would have to be completing my final long run before my first half marathon this weekend! It is finally here!

  105. Debbie

    I love new workout clothes. They motivate me to work out more.

  106. Corinne

    I spent time with my 8 months old daughter and enjoyed every second!

  107. Ellie

    This weekend I picked up my husband from the airport who just got back from Russia and spent the weekend with him and our 4 kids! I already “liked” you on Facebook and I follow you on twitter! (@imelliemitchell). That is so neat that people contact you to have you review their products!

  108. I “liked” you on FB. Happy Running =)

  109. conni

    because I love your blog and read it every day. I am trying to start walking 3-4 times a week. Stress Trying !!! Myteenager laughs at my outdated work out clothes, but mostly because I use to change your diapers.
    Love you, aunt C

  110. My daughter tried out for 5th grade cheerleading this weekend. What an adventure! She ended up making it, but I’m curious as to what is in store for us. 🙂

  111. amy

    I’ve run 4 1/2 marathons in the last 2 years!

  112. amy

    I liked you on facebook

  113. I already followed you on twitter! 🙂 @ricoleruns

  114. I didn’t already like your facebook page though – but now I do!

  115. Jen

    I did a 5 mile walk/run this weekend in training for my upcoming 10K race! Looks like a great tank top!


  116. Mchelle

    Good for you for running the Grand prix 5K – I was walking around downtown by the Vinoy when the race started and just watching everyone run by made me want to hop right in…but instead I had dinner and gelato! Had to wake up super early both Sat and Sun to get my runs in because we had family in town and was able to host our first pool party in our new home – Was a GREAT weekend!!!!

  117. I follow you on twitter!

  118. Fun giveaway!! My fun thing over the weekend was running my very first 5K race! 🙂

  119. I ran my 12th half marathon in 12 months!! It’s been an amazing year.

    Hope to win the stripes!

  120. And I follow you on Twitter! (@les852)

  121. I also like you fb page!

  122. I’m already one of your loyal Twitter followers. 🙂 (@SassphaltRunner)
    I can’t say that I really did anything spectacular this weekend other than see The Hunger Games (highly recommend!). I ran both days and Long Run Sunday turned into Short Run Sunday – lots of soreness due to lots of miles on my sneakers! Why do I deserve to win? because I am always looking for great & fun workout gear…have to stay sassy on those roads ya know. 🙂

  123. Jen

    I did my first ever 4.5 mile run on a new route and I rocked it!

  124. And, I’ve been following on Twitter for a while – @naneenya

  125. My amazeballs thing I did over the weekend was that I ran my first 15k and placed second in my age group! Twitter handle: urbaninsuburbia 🙂

  126. I am training for my first 5K- it’s coming up in April!

  127. I also follow on Twitter at @Dairyfreeomni

  128. I also “Liked” you on Facebook!

  129. Over the weekend I consumed an entire pint of hag-en daz. Is that awesome? 😉 I also did a ton of workouts and saw The Hunger Games!

  130. I already follow you on twitter!

  131. Follow you on Twitter!

  132. Callie

    I went home to nc this weekend to visit friends and do wedding dress alterations! It was a blast!

  133. Dee

    Something awesome I did over the weekend was break my time for the mile. I’ve still got a long way to go but knocking off a few seconds per mile really made my day 🙂

  134. Dee

    I like you on fb as Dee G

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