Tampa Bay Fitness Bloggers (Part Two)

It’s time for the second edition of Tampa Bay Fitness Bloggers! In case you missed the first edition, check it out here. I hope this has helped some of you find new blogs – no matter where you live!

I actually met Denise in a pretty funny way. While at the Expo for the Rock n Roll Half Marathon, John Bingham (“the Penguin”) called her out (in a funny way) for taking photos and she commented that she is a blogger. Of course I had to find out more! She’s another “mother runner” from Tampa Bay and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her more through her blog!

I actually met Diana on a night out for Meghann‘s birthday with a few of the other ladies on this list! Diana is getting her master’s degree right now from USF so any of you who are currently students will enjoy that aspect of her blog! She’ll be running the IronGirl half marathon with me next month too!

Finally a guy on the list! A Runner’s Blog is written by Brian, who is also the  mastermind behind Digital Running.

Brian is a running coach and actually provides running and coaching programs for adults and competitive high school athletes across the country though the Internet. Pretty cool, right? Also, if you’re looking to join a Ragnar team, he puts teams together all over the country so I’m sure you can find one to join!

I’ve featured Caroline’s blog on here a few times before, but it’s one I read every single day. She’s an attorney turned SAHM and is one of my fellow IRunMommies. She has lost over 100 pounds and has run two half marathons – and will be running the IronGirl Half Marathon next month too!

Do you have any other Tampa Bay fitness bloggers to add to the list? 


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8 Responses to Tampa Bay Fitness Bloggers (Part Two)

  1. Miz

    okokok I shall come visit.
    I do adore that area….

  2. I love these posts! I am really enjoying to find other fitness bloggers that are semi local to me! Melbourne isn’t so far from Tampa! 😉

  3. Meg

    This is such a great list! I love reading blogs by authors based in Florida, especially Tampa. Here are a couple more Tampa/running blogs that I love reading:

    Life is Beachy Keen: http://www.lifeisbeachykeen.com/

    Stephanie’s posts on the 321 Delish Blog: http://321delish.com/

    Discom-BOB-ulated Running: http://discombobulatedrunning.blogspot.com/

    Cuban Running Crisis: http://cubanrunningcrisis.blogspot.com/

  4. Great idea! I should totally do this for the DC-area. I’m always glad to find new blogs to try though so thanks!

  5. How cool! Thank you for including Run DMT in your Tampa Bay blogger spotlight. I can’t wait to read everyone’s blogs.

    It was pretty funny how we met. lol “You’re a blogger?” “I am blogger, too!” We were BFB (best friend bloggers) on the spot. 🙂 That’s pretty much how I meet all my running blogger friends. That’s how I met Brian and Running Betty. 😀

    You definitely need to add Discom-BOB-ulated Running. Beth is hilarious.

  6. Great post! I am a fitness/photography/travel blogger living in St. Pete and I love finding local bloggers! Can’t wait to catch up on all these great blogs. Thanks!

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