When You Lose Your Mojo

I’ve been on such a roll.

Blogging consistently. Losing weight. Running faster.

But lately?

I feel like I’ve lost my mojo. My motivation. Whatever you want to call it.

I wish I could figure out why. Maybe it’s because I finally fit back in my pre-pregnancy clothes? Maybe it’s because I achieved my dream of running a half marathon? (Two actually).

I think it all comes down to this – I’ve hit that “maintenance” phase of life. And quite frankly, I’ve never been good at maintenance. I’m a much better “project person.” I’m good at setting goals and working toward them. I’m good at checking things off a list.

But this maintenance thing? Not so easy for me.

You would think with a half marathon coming up in less than two weeks, I’d be motivated. Training hard. Pushing through. But I’m not. I haven’t run more than 6.5 miles since my last half marathon – the Disney Princess Half a month and a half ago. That’s a problem, my friends. Especially since my half marathon will likely be sunny and hot and has some seriously challenging bridges (Florida’s version of hills). I haven’t done any bridge work.

You would also think that with my blog growing tremendously in the past few months (thank you!), I’d be a blogging machine. But honestly? I feel like I’ve lost my mojo there too. Maybe it’s tied into the maintenance thing. Quite frankly, when I’m not working out and accomplishing new goals, I have a hard time finding things to write about. But maybe that’s exactly when I need to be writing.

You all have been such a source of encouragement to me over the past two years I’ve been blogging. So I’m turning to you again.

What do you do when you’ve lost your mojo? Any advice for me? 





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31 Responses to When You Lose Your Mojo

  1. Sadly, I got nothing for you. I seem to just keep slipping further and further away. Yikes.

  2. I went through a run like this last summer/fall. It was difficult to step away from it all but then I was back at it and more determined than ever.

    Maybe maintenance is your new project. Learning to maintain this lifestyle is quite difficult too. Do the best you can on the upcoming half. Once you cross the finish line

  3. Fat fingers don’t bode well to commenting from a cell phone…

    Once you cross the finish line then you can decide what you want to do with training and blogging. Maybe a small change up is all you need.

  4. I think once you finish your next half, you’ll regain that motivation! Accomplishments usually yield new goals 😉

  5. Ah, I’m the same way. I like new things, and when novelty’s worn off.. meh. I would suggest you register for a race but I see that isn’t doing the trick. Why not make a list of new things to blog about and get ideas flowing to get you motivated on that front? Get excited about certain topics and start planning them ahead of time, so posting regularly will be simple enough?
    Sorry, not so helpful. I hope your mojo returns! (BUT congrats on fitting into pre-pregnancy clothes 🙂 maintenance phase is a good thing.)

  6. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, both from blogging and from running long distances. If you have no mojo, I think a break is in order. I know I do it all the time. Man, I’m definitely ready for a break from the long distances. I can’t wait until the Iron Girl is over!

    As far as getting the mojo back? I have no clue. It just sort of comes and goes on its own whim, I think. I’m sure yours will come back soon!

  7. Maintenance is really hard for me too. I am much better when I have a goal. there a couple of things that seem to work for me, and maybe they will help you too.

    First is to step away and take a week to relax. I am often stir crazy by the end of the week, but it helps me to remember what it is I love about running, writing, working out. It is kind of a vacation from your hobbie.

    The other thing I do is look for a bigger or different goal. Maybe it is pushing into a full marathon, or maybe a new 5K or 10K PR. Changing things up and having a new goal often helps me.

    That said, sometimes I am just in a funk and it takes a bit to clear. I hope you find your mojo soon. I know I fell lost without mine.

  8. Whenever I get off track, I take some time to reevaluate my goals! It may be time to set a new one… even something small like doing x minutes of planks a day or you could do the 100 push-up challenge (http://hundredpushups.com/) – I only made it to 50 but I was still super impressed with myself. Or maybe try to cut down your mile time with some speed work?

    Idk… whenever I get bogged down I like to set a new goal, a new challenge which puts a fire under my butt! As far as blogging consistently, please tell me all your secrets, because I find it so hard. I mean… sometimes I’m just like I need to go live my life instead of sitting home at the computer! Oh well, it’s all a balancing act 🙂

  9. When I lose my “mojo” I just step back. In all honesty it’s not my blog, my runs, or my size that defines me. It’s what I do on a daily basis. My love for my husband, commitment to school, passion to help others achieve their happy, fit bodies. When I pull back, it seems that I have more inspiration and everything else falls into place.

    ps- can’t help you with those bridges. They stink!

  10. Maybe it’s not “losing your mojo” so much as it’s shifting priorities? I find that with a busy life, priorities and focus tend to shift around a bit. You never lose a goal or a focus, you just have to shift around in order to give everything its due attention. So follow the wave of wherever your life is taking you, you’ll end up wherever you’re supposed to be.

  11. I definitely know how you feel. I’d say for the running or workouts, try something new! For me, I always need a new goal/challenge/exercise plan to keep me going and motivated. I have cut waaaay back on running after my half and I’m focusing more on weight training and I’m loving it. As for the blogging, just take a bit of a break. I don’t blog because I feel like I have to, I only blog when I have something to say, when I have time, or whenever I want. It’s much more enjoyable 🙂

  12. sounds like you need a new goal! When Is tarted feeling that way about running I added in strength training and yoga and now I love it! Try bridge running this week for god training an practice. Start a fun new series on your blog you can look forward too. I am totally a goal oriented person too so if I have nothing out there to do I struggle. I have a half marathon this weekend so i have been training pretty hard for that.

  13. Sarah

    I don’t have any advice specifically on the blogging aspect but as far as running your third half, I’d set a very specific goal for that race and tweak your training to meet that goal. Maybe set a goal time and incorporate more speed work into your training? As much as I love your blog and seeing updates almost daily, I don’t think you need to feel the pressure to do them daily. Some of my favorite blogs are updated on a weekly or more basis, so don’t feel like you’ll lose people if you cut back a little!

  14. I have been going through the exact same thing. I have done a couple of recent blog posts about it. I know part of it is how busy I’ve been with my daughters traveling/practices and my work schedule. I had a marathon I was training for (early May), decided to ditch that, and focus on shorter races, and my fall marathon- Chicago.

  15. When I lose my enthusiasm for something, I take a break. I tell myself that it’s just a break, nothing to worry about (I am a worrier!), I’ll get back on track in a week or so.
    I find something else to spend my time doing; maybe try a new class, call up a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. Pick up a new book.
    It’s never failed me. My mojo always returns, on it’s time, not mine!

  16. I completely know what you mean!! I have been “training” for another half and finding the motivation to run is so tough! My only method of getting through is having a partner to run with!!

  17. I think losing weight is easier than maintaining. I’ve never been good at the later. BTW – I sent you an email about a St. Pete restaurant recommendation for a friend.

  18. I hear ya I feel the same way. I *try* to make a workout plan on Sun/Mon (i.e. Mon: Yoga, Tues: run 3 miles, etc) for the week so I stay on track. Not saying it works every time tho!

    Good luck!!

  19. I wish I had some advice because I’m the same way – I need a goal to work towards. My half-marathon is at the beginning of May and I’m already thinking about what to do once it’s done. I’m pregnant so there won’t be anymore races until after the baby is born (in August). Maybe a focus on the mental clarity that comes with exercise is the way to go instead of a specific physical goal to help with motivation.

  20. Kristen

    First accept that you have “lost your mojo.” There is definitely a transition period once a goal has been obtained and until a new one is set and begins. I personally struggle with this period. Then I set a goal and only go half at it, then realizing its not the right goal for me to get me going. So, I set another one when the time is right and go for it.
    Stay positive because everything happens for a reason and when it’s your time to have a goal again, I know you will go at it full force. Remember, find one that really interests you and lights that spark again. Don’t ever give up on yourself and always be proud of how far you’ve come.

  21. I mix it up. Blogging, running, life, whatever. Try something new. No mojo to run long distance? Do some speed work instead. See how fast you can run a mile. No mojo to blog about running? Blog about music or a new dish you just made. It just might be the spark to bring the mojo back. If not, at least you experienced something new. Good luck!

  22. Be ok with the small changes. Shift your focus away from running if you need to. Tri season is coming up – sign up for a couple races and get in the pool some more. I have loved cross training in the pool for sure! It helps to keep the variety alive 🙂

  23. Sounds like maybe you should take on a new challenge? Every time I get that “lost my mojo” feeling I try to take on something new. A new distance, another triathlon, or new class at the gym, maybe?

    Also, as hard as it can be some times, take the time celebrate all that you’ve accomplished recently!

  24. I always feel best when I set a new goal! It can be a race…26.2? Tri? Or time goal? But it can also be family related or really whatever you want. It’s great that you’ve achieved all of these things, and nothing should discount that, but I think it’s a great opportunity to do something different 🙂

  25. Set new goals…or just take some time to relax and enjoy not having a major project to work on. Takeing time to reflect may give you the time to figure out your next goal.

  26. Breathe!!! You’ll do just fine. 🙂 Visualize the end of your race, and just believe in yourself. You have two weeks until the race, and while I don’t want to sound an alarm, but that doesn’t leave you much room to force yourself into any last minute, crazy lady training. 😉 So, just embrace what you’ve already been able to accomplish and go for it. 🙂

  27. Jess

    When you figure out the answer will you tell me? I have had no motivation since the Rock n Roll 1/2 and need to get back out with the iRunMommies soon. I’m just tired and burnt out. Ugh. Good luck at your next 1/2! You will do awesome!

  28. Hilary

    switch up your running route! try runs on the beach or with new friends!

  29. Pam

    I’ve lost my mojo right now, too. I joined a challenge with some accountability partners – hopefully that will put me back into 😉

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  31. Whitney

    I lost my mojo last week too. After 6 weeks of following boot camp to the letter, I just had no motivation. I must say after a solid four days of
    Not working out at all, I’m actually looking forward to bootcamp tomorrow. mental breaks are just as important as physical ones, I Guess. I know it sure helped me no matter how unlike me
    It was.

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