How to Get Your Running Mojo Back

We’ve all been there. We’ve all hit a slump of some kind and it suddenly became a little harder to lace up our sneakers in the morning for a run. I mentioned yesterday that I feel like I’ve lost my mojo and you all responded with some great advice! Here are a few tips on how to get your running mojo back.

1. Change It Up

After running two half marathons during the month of February, I started having a hard time convincing myself to spend more than an hour on a run. That’s when I started focusing on speed again and got a new 5k PR! Sometimes changing up your goals can make your runs a little more interesting – and a little more exciting!

Another great piece of advice I received yesterday from Mary suggested changing up my routine too.

Be ok with the small changes. Shift your focus away from running if you need to. Tri season is coming up – sign up for a couple races and get in the pool some more. I have loved cross training in the pool for sure! It helps to keep the variety alive!

She’s right. Triathlon season is a great way to keep your running fresh, while challenging your fitness in new ways. Getting back into the pool is one of my new goals!

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Break

I think many of us who have been very focused on training plans start to panic a little when we think about missing a day or (gasp!) a week. But sometimes a break is exactly what we need. When I got pregnant with my son, I could no longer run and I found myself getting insanely jealous of people who were out running on the sidewalk. Taking a break from running made me appreciate it more – and I couldn’t wait to get back out there!

3. Remember WHY You Run

This is such a tough thing to articulate, isn’t it? But maybe I just need to look back at this post about Why I Run and remind myself of all those reasons. The comments on that post are great too – so many great reasons to run!

Another great way to get your running mojo back? Find out you’ve been featured as Women’s Running Magazine’s Blogger on the Run!

I am so honored that this wannabe runner is being featured by a national running magazine. Can you believe it?!?! So here’s my last piece of advice. Don’t be afraid to dream big. You might have attempted a two mile run this morning and felt like death. It’s okay. It’s happened to all (okay, most) of us. It’s definitely happened to me! But that doesn’t mean you’re not a runner. Maybe you’re in a slump. Maybe you’re recovering from an injury or just starting running again after having a baby. That’s okay. You’re still a runner! Remember – all it takes to be a runner is to RUN.

As a special treat, Women’s Running Magazine is giving away a FREE subscription to their magazine to a lucky Wannabe Athlete reader! Just go visit their blog and leave a comment on their post to enter. Good luck!

Have you ever hit a running slump? How did you get your mojo back?


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19 Responses to How to Get Your Running Mojo Back

  1. Miz

    Ive gots no running tips 🙂 but for me and ANY KIND of mojo loss (from marriage to fitness) the key is usually CHANGE.

  2. Thanks for this post. I have lost my mojo too. I ran a marathon and ultramarathon last month and I am just tired. Plus, this week is my spring break so really the last thing I want to do is run. 🙂

  3. Super Crafty Sister

    Forget getting your mojo BACK! How do you get it to begin with!?!?!
    I keep saying I’m going to go running, but I never actually put my shoes on and run!

    So, here’s to getting motivated to begin with!

  4. Meg

    I can’t agree more with your tips for regaining running mojo. Last summer, I spent all my free time training for my first race with double-digit mileage. After the run, I found my motivation lacking. I took a couple days off and spent some time researching new and exciting running routes in my area. I find that running a new route really gets me excited, especially if I can incorporate some kind of adventure/sight-seeing into the run. Another thing that helped me was joining a free, local running group. I met tons more running buddies and the scheduled runs helped keep me on track.

    CONGRATS on being the featured runner! You totally deserve it!

  5. Congrats on your feature!!!!

    Fantastic tips for getting mojo back. Switching it up and even taking a break if necessary are things that have worked for me in the past.

  6. I love what your husband says, to be a runner you just need to run! Wish we could go running together. My running buddy right now is 8 months old and while she loves to talk on our runs, she’s not putting together sentences just yet (shocking, I know).

  7. I feel like running slumps come and go every so often for me. My first trick is to find a race that interests me and try that for motivation. If that doesn’t work, I know it time to back off my mileage and shift to another form of exercise as my primary for a while (like biking). That usually does it for me! 😉

  8. Great post! And congrats on the feature…SO fun!

  9. Christina E.

    I had lost my mojo last Dec after doing 3 half marathons in a little less than 3 months. Tough ones too. Life was hectic and I wanted a break. Then I got injured. 4 months later and I’m still not able to run and it is killing me. RUN WHILE YOU CAN!! I so regret not wanting to run and saying I was bored of my trails. I’d give just about anything to get back out there! =(

  10. I read your Blogger on the Run profile! Thanks for inspiring me! I’m pregnant with my first child and enjoy hearing about people who come back to running after that process!

  11. I am totally in a running slump right now. My problem seems to be that although I actually WANT to go running, other things seem to be taking priority right now… like napping. I could totally go do some sprint drills while Eli naps, but I think I am going to nap instead. Why? Because I will be working 40 hours in the next 3 days. That’s how the last few weeks have been. Argh.
    Anyways… congrats on being featured by Women’s Running Magazine… that’s awesome!!!

  12. Congrats on the feature, Callie, that’s awesome! Great post topic too…. usually stepping back for a couple of days recharges me, and I’m ready to get out there again!

  13. Frannie

    This is a great blog. I ran a half marathon 2 weeks ago and I am having a hard time getting back into the swing of running in the mornings. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Depending on what part of running I’m tired of, I’ll just change things up. Sometimes that means a day or two of yoga or elliptical. Sometimes it’s as simple as wearing a different pair of running shoes. Sometimes I just make myself run anyways and I find my mojo while I’m out there.

  15. I was just thinking these very words today about how to get out of running slumps, but mine is more outside of running related than the actual sport. Anyway, I think every runner has had slumps. Its part of the cycle. My tips are definitely to allow yourself to take time off and not feel bad about it. Also- make it fun again, little games or shorter runs etc to shake it up.

    Congrats on the magazine feature! 🙂

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  17. I have definitely hit a running slump, or rather, running stop! After my half-marathon, I just kind of let the weather dictate my running schedule. But living in a snowy area is hard, and I hate the dreadmill. Thankfully, my hubby got me a set of winter running gear so I can hopefully start eeking out the miles again come January. That has really motivated me and it was kind of a late reward for doing the half-marathon too. Here’s to running again!

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