A Motherhood Moment

For the most part, I think I’ve handled the whole working mom thing pretty well. Then there are days like yesterday.

Both my husband and I have jobs that sometimes require us to work in the evening. Now that we have the Mini Athlete, that requires some careful calendar coordination. We always have to make sure one of us can pick him up from daycare and if not, we have to coordinate with someone else to get him.

I knew I had to work late last night. I am certain I told my husband. But as he said, if it’s not in his calendar, it doesn’t happen. And it wasn’t in his calendar. He sent me a text at 4:30pm asking if I had picked up the baby yet. I panicked and called him.

“No…you’re picking him up today! I have to work late.”

His response? “Why would I be picking him up? I’m in Plant City.” FYI – Plant City is at least 45 minutes away from our house.


I ran into my boss’ office and told her I had to leave. Thankfully another co-worker had already planned to attend the event I had planned to be at so both assured me I could leave. Still, I felt flustered. Beyond flustered. I felt terrible.

I headed out to my car. As I left the parking lot, I saw my boss walking to her car. I rolled down my window and told her I’d pick up the Mini Athlete and come back to work. She tried to tell me, “Really Callie…it’s okay.” I tried to insist, but she assured me it was fine. Then she said,

“Callie…your sunglasses are missing a lens.”

I have no idea how she didn’t bust out laughing.

I immediately took them off when she pointed it out to me, but put them on later to try to imagine exactly what she had seen. I couldn’t help but laugh at myself.

Thankfully my boss and I have a great relationship so I immediately called her and told her I had looked at myself in the glasses and couldn’t stop laughing. I asked, “How did you keep a straight face???”

She immediately started laughing uncontrollably – and so did I.

I told her she should take it as a sign of how flustered I felt about having to leave early and asked rhetorically, “How did I not notice I only had one lens?!?”

Her answer?

“Callie, I think they call that motherhood.”

Yes, yes I think they do.

Have you ever had a motherhood moment?


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  1. This post made me smile/laugh 🙂 The mini athlete is one lucky fella.

  2. that’s hilarious! i could see myself doing that, even though i’m not a mom! coworkers have pointed out when i’m wearing different earrings on each ear or, sometimes, different shoes on each foot.

  3. Haha, that did make me giggle! Only a mom… 😉

  4. Kim

    Hahaha! Definitely a mommy moment. I have left the house with 2 different flip flops on and also with my slippers on once!

  5. Ha! Very cute, but I also know that moment of panic when you both realize you thought the other was picking the little one up from daycare. I’ve had to turn into a NASCAR driver at times to make it before last pick-up.

    I once spent an entire day wearing two different shoes. Granted, they were both sneakers but they were completely different colors. Not only did I notice but no one told me all day! It wasn’t until I took them off that night that I noticed! I asked my daughter if she’d noticed and my sweet 3-year-old said, “I just thought you were being silly, Mommy!”


  6. Ha! That is definitely a good one – and something we’ve done before too (OMG who’s getting the kid?). But the glasses? How, in Florida’s sun, did you NOT notice? LMFAO …

  7. HAHAHA. This just made my morning. I have done some pretty silly (stupid?) things now that I have a little one.
    Glad to hear that you have a great boss and that you were able to leave. Coordinating schedules is tough – I try to keep all events on my google calendar, and like your husband, if it’s not on there, it’s not happening. LOL.

  8. Too funny!! I think we all have those days! 🙂

  9. When I was pregnant with our oldest I put my glasses on one morning and was surprised at how bad my vision was so early in the pregnancy. I’d read that pregnancy can cause changes in your vision, dental, etc. I had to take my glasses off because it was so blurry. Turns out, like you, one lens was missing.

  10. Oh my that was a great first post to read with my coffee this morning! There’s not enough space here to recount all my “mommy moments”, but they include mismatched shoes, leaving the house in slippers ( and noticing hours later), forgetting to be somewhere and remembering a week later and so on. Luckily almost all other mothers have had them too and completely understand when Mommy Brain kicks in.
    The sunglasses will have me chuckling all day:-)

  11. OMG, this is the best. I’m so glad I’m not the only one!
    What a great boss you have!

  12. That’s hilarious! The picture makes it even funnier. It is always a blessing when you have considerate bosses that understand sometimes life is just a bit more important 🙂

  13. Haha! Something to remember and look back on and laugh! I think everyone needs those moments!

  14. This is hilarious! Definitely not laughing *at* you, but *with* you because every mom has had this moment. Thank goodness for an understanding boss!

  15. Laura

    How about a phone call from a friend “I’ve lost my cell phone – I’ve looked everywhere – what am I going to do?” Answer: Look in your hand….LOL….

  16. That is an awesome story- and the picture made it even better. Thanks for being willing to share your story since we moms can definitely appreciate it!

  17. That makes me feel better for all the times I’ve left for work with my slippers still on, in yoga pants and/or without brushing my hair. Motherhood is glamorous!

  18. LOL. Fantatsic. I have yet to have a “daddy moment.” Althought, yours might be -untoppabale. Classic.

  19. Marisa E

    Oh my- I am seriously laughing out loud at my desk right now!!! I’ve been there…..

  20. Hahahahahaha, that is AWESOME!!!! Totally a sign of motherhood.

    There was once a time where I had to sit at my desk and fold my arms…because I forgot not only my personal “chemistry set” (also known as…the breast pump)…but I also for my nursing pads. Yowza.

    And then there’s the moment when you get pantsed by your child.

  21. OMG Callie, that is SOOO funny. I am sure balancing it all is rough, but I also can tell Mini is showered with love, and it all works out in the end.

  22. Ha ha ha! That’s hilarious!! Definitely a motherhood moment. Balancing it all IS such a juggling job, especially the pick-up/drop-off. It’s a rule in our house too that if it’s not in the calendar, it doesn’t exist. Glad that you were able to laugh about it with your boss!

  23. That is hilarious! I seriously laughed out loud.

  24. Jen

    Too funny! I very nearly have answered the door for the UPS man on multiple occasions with a boob hanging out after just pumping or feeding the baby. Those nursing camis are a bit too convenient sometimes! Luckily I caught myself in time.


  25. Hilarious post that I’m sure all moms can relate to in its essence. Motherhood. The crazy, beautiful life it is. Hah!

  26. Hehe. Things like that happen to me too, even without children. Today actually was such a day. I thought it was funny enough to write about and let everybody take part in my impeccable way of dressing :D. I did not think of taking a picture though.

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