A Runner Unrealized

I’m glad you all enjoyed a laugh at my expense yesterday. I get the giggles everytime I look at that picture. 🙂

Speaking of the giggles…this gchat conversation on Tuesday night left me laughing out loud. This is copied straight from our conversation:

me: are we running in the morning?


Bahahaha. I love that girl.

But I knew exactly what she meant. I’ve been feeling like I’m losing my “awesomeness” lately too. In fact, those words were what helped drag me out of bed yesterday morning at 5:15am so I could meet Katie to run. I kept telling myself, “Don’t lose your awesomeness!”

It worked.

We ran two miles in absolute darkness and chatted about a little bit of everything.

People often comment that they wish they had someone to run with like I do. I think it is very important to note that if you would have told Katie a year ago that she would be running a half marathon less than a year later, she would have laughed in your face. But she did it – she ran her first half marathon just six months after having a baby!

That’s not to mention all the other runs and races we’ve completed together over the past six months.

That’s right. We’ve only been running together for six months. Can you believe it???

Me neither.

Katie and I have been friends for years, but running was never “our thing.” We did all sorts of things together before running.

We were pregnant together…at a 70s themed party. 🙂

She was there when we welcomed the Mini Athlete into the world…

And she’s actually his godmother too.

She was one of my bridesmaids…

And helped us celebrate in style. 🙂

We even helped her and her husband move into their house several years ago…

Along with a million other memories. But remember – over all those years, we never had running in common.

But after having our babies, we wanted time together. We wanted to get back into shape. We wanted to do something that would make us proud of ourselves.

So we started running.

Don’t think you have any “runner” friends to run with?

Think again.

You might have a Katie in your life – a runner unrealized. Maybe all she’s waiting for is an invitation to join you.

And over the next hundred or so miles, you just might realize that running has brought your friendship to a while new level.

A new level of awesomeness, that is.

Are you a former (or current) runner unrealized?



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  1. What a sweet post. I really enjoyed reading this. My running partner ended up being my husband. He is the one who got me into running. Then I learned to love running solo and have never run with anyone else – well I did convince a friend to run with me a couple of times. So I was once a runner unrealized. I never ever imagined running farther than 5 miles – I’ve hit 14.5.

  2. This post is super sweet and really makes me wish my girlfriends lived closer. I was never a runner in the past. I was actually petrified to run the 1-mile I had to for my first triathlon, and I completed my first marathon this year. My husband convinced me that I could run if I wanted too and has been a super running partner.

  3. Whenever I tell my friends about my running they are always like, you’re crazy, I could never do that. And I’m always, like you’re wrong you totally could! I was never a “runner” I would run a few miles once in a while to “stay in shape” but never multiple times a week, every week… and never more than a 5k. Now I’m about to do 9 this weekend and I’m actually excited for it!

    I want to suck my boyfriend into running, he’s gone with me a few times and ran a 5k with me… but now that I’m so far into my half marathon training, it’s not really practical. Maybe after my half!

  4. This is a wonderful post, you’re very lucky! I’ve tried coaxing friends into running but it hasn’t worked. Same with my hubby, although he has expressed interest in running my next half with me. I also think I can get some friends on board to do a relay, so I may wear them down yet. I honestly don’t mind doing most of my morning runs on my own, there’s a peacefulness to it, but it would be nice to have some variety from time to time. But I may find my ‘Katie’ yet!

  5. Em

    This is a great post. I am a recently realized runner. My running partner started out as my trainer, but our runs have made us really great friends. She’s the one who convinced me to train for a marathon – I’ve got 5 weeks to go!

  6. You are both awesomesnensnsnssessessesssess. It’s wonderful to have someone with you on the road and on very important milestones. (ha, Mile).

  7. Love this! I was one of those people who wished thy had someone to run with and then the other day a friend asked me to help her start running! I’m excited 🙂

  8. aw, i love this post! so fun to have a running buddy… wish we lived closer to each other and you could motivate me to get my butt out of bed in the morning!!!

  9. Stevie

    Love this post! My friend Wendi convinced me to be a “runner.” I signed up for my first half as a New Years Resolution with Wendi. She holds me accountable everyday even though she lives in Cali and I live in MN. May 28th will be my ultimate test! You can have a running partner even miles apart! Long distance running relationships haha!

  10. this is such a good post! i love my running buddies!!! i had a friend who turned me into a running MACHINE around Christmastime and she has changed my body and my whole mental mindset since then! it doesn’t take too long, does it?!! in fact, i wrote an “ode” to my running buddies a little bit ago. it still makes me laugh: http://www.seriouslyahomemaker.com/2012/03/poetical-ode-to-running-buddies.html I love the gambit of topics that i talk about with my running buddies.

    i am emailing you on a totally separate topic… k????

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