No Heavy Lifting

One thing I love about my new job? There are no “normal” days. At least not so far.

I started the day in my workout gear instead of my usual “executive” attire. I had some manual labor to do!

Some local youth in our area are spending the week volunteering at local non-profit organizations. Today we had nine young ladies help us sort and clean donations.

Despite my best efforts, I found myself lifting way more boxes than I should have. I’m at that point in pregnancy where I still feel pretty normal (except that I look like I’ve been eating too much lately) but I know my joints are already being affected by the pregnancy.

During my last pregnancy, I hurt myself pretty badly in the second trimester. For some reason I thought I should rearrange all the furniture in the nursery – on my own. Well, my joints weren’t having it and I actually ended up in the hospital (during the Super Bowl!) because of excruciating pain in my hips – specifically my SI joint that had shifted out of place. I’ve mentioned before that I have loose joints normally – and they only get looser during pregnancy. So even though I feel “normal”, I know I need to take it easy!

The work I did today served as a good reminder for this weekend’s move. It will be my job to direct and manage the movers – no heavy lifting!

Have you ever had to “supervise” a move because of pregnancy or an injury? How did you keep yourself busy? 


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8 Responses to No Heavy Lifting

  1. Sari

    I moved house three weeks before my due date! I would place a box on top of another one, (so I wouldn’t have to bend over much), pack it, tape it, and direct my husband to move it where it needed to go.

  2. We moved when my daughter was three days old, and because I was still healing from tons of stitches, I pretty much sat around the whole time. It was weird and made me feel frustrated.

  3. That’s so funny, I also ended up in the ER on Super Bowl Sunday for excruciating hip/abdominal pain in the second trimester. It lasted for about 4 days, never did figure out what it was, we just knew the baby was fine.

  4. When I was pregnant, it seemed like it was always snowing. Even though my husband requested that I not help out, I was constantly wanting to shovel something or wipe off cars. I couldn’t just sit there and watch him do all the work, especially since he was suffering from a herniated disc on his lower back. So with shovel in tow, I did some shoveling and cleaning. Nothing too extensive but probably more than I should have.

    Having said that I have no idea on how I would have been able to keep busy.

  5. Yes take it easy! I have a friend that did the same to her SI joint during her first pregnancy and she was miserable. 🙁

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  7. Julia

    Is moving furniture a hallmark of pregnancy? I did it twice… once each pregnancy. The first time I got freaked out by early cramps, etc. The second time with my second son it just felt like a good workout.

    Found your blog via the Fitness top ten list. I’m enjoying snooping around! Your family is precious, by the way.

  8. Jen

    I am a nurse in the ICU most of my pts are on ventilators and sedated which means I move everything for them. While I was pregnant I kept trying to do this all myself until finally my coworkers made me sit out. It was very hard to watch and not be able to help. I consoled myself in knowing I was doing the best for my baby my back and I had rly nice coworkers to help me

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