The Second Time Around

I feel like I have been pregnant for two years straight. I know it’s not quite like that, but I have been pregnant for 16 of the past 28 months. That has to count for something.

But I have been surprised at how different this pregnancy has been than the first. I knew that pregnancies differed from person to person, but I didn’t realize they could differ so much for the same person.

Pregnancy #1

  • Nauseous the entire first trimester. I only threw up once, but I felt perpetually hung over. Not a good feeling – at all.
  • Tremendous hip pain starting in the second trimester. I literally felt like my hip joints were falling out of place. I even ended up in the hospital one time because of it – on Superbowl Sunday. My husband will never let me live that down.
  • Linea negra. I had it.
  • Because of my hip pain, I had very restricted activity.
  • I obsessed over every twinge – what was that? Is everything okay?
  • I worried about “keeping all the rules.” I remember calling my mom one day almost in tears because I had forgotten to take my prenatal vitamin the night before. She assured me it would be fine. Of course it was.

Pregnancy #2

  • I had some morning sickness, but nothing like the first time around. I honestly felt pretty symptom-less for quite a while – long enough for my OB/GYN to do an ultrasound to make sure I was really pregnant!
  • I’ve experienced some hip tightness – and some days are better than others – but nothing like before. I really think that my daily walks with the Mini Athlete have made a HUGE difference. It feels like it gets them back into alignment.
  • No linea negra. Go figure.
  • I’m staying pretty active. Heck, even chasing the Mini Athlete around is more activity than I could endure during my first pregnancy!
  • I have been totally laid back. Twinge? What twinge? (This also could be attributed to the bajillion major life changes that have stolen my attention over the past few months…)
  • So much for the “rules”. Yes, I’m taking my prenatal vitamins. But I’m also not freaking out over a cup of coffee every now and then, or a deli sandwich. It’s okay. I promise.

Something else different this time around?

I haven’t registered for any gifts.

Am I supposed to? A few people have asked me if I’m registered anywhere. We have most of the things, but there are a few things that would be nice to have as gifts. But I feel strange registering the second time around – especially so close to when I registered the first time.

Hmm. And that reminds me – I haven’t registered at the hospital yet either. Or taken a tour (since it will be a new-to-us hospital.) Oops. Chalk that up to the whole “totally laid back” thing.

If you’ve had more than one pregnancy, were they different? How?

If not, what do you hope will be different the second time around? 


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11 Responses to The Second Time Around

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  2. I didn’t know you the first time around, so I think you should register for gifts 🙂

  3. Liz

    That is great that you are having an easy pregnancy. You look great also. Looks like you and the mini athlete had a good walk along the water.

  4. Glad you’re having a more laidback pregnancy! Yay for walks 🙂

    I think you could register for a few things that you need, keep it low key, and nobody would have an issue. If they do… guess what, they don’t have to purchase anything 😛

  5. I totally agree about being so much more laid back – sometimes I even forget! I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my second and my daughter is 15 mos. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that I’ve felt everything faster and stronger – nausea sooner, tired sooner, etc. – of course chasing a one year old could have something to do with it!

    I have heard so many varying opinions on registering for baby #2 – I always thought that if you have babies close together you only get one shower and therefore wouldn’t register again but others I know have disagreed. So I guess registering can’t hurt – that way if people do want to get you something they know what you want – I think it totally depends on what’s customary in your family/circle of friends.

  6. Christy

    You are a gorgeous mommy!!!!!

  7. you look absolutely wonderful! glowing 😀

  8. My first 2 pregnancies were almost identical and now I am pregnancy with my third and it is totally different. But we can;t blame gender because I already have a boy and a girl so who knows why these things are the way they are? how far apart will your 2 be. my first 2 were 13 months apart. it was CRAZY!!!!!

  9. Jenn

    My two are 17mths apart. I registered for gifts not planning on a shower but for the extra percent you get off if you purchase yourself (Target, Babys R Us). Then my family ended up giving me a small shower as well, I know some people like to call the second showers, sprinkles. 🙂

  10. All 3 of my pregnancies were different. But I learner so many things from each of them. I was laid out didn’t want to move with the first. Sick all the time. Second one I ran until I was 5 month pregnant and then I tripped and fell and took that as a sign to just walk for exercise. 3rd one I felt stronger than ever ran until I was 8 months pregnant and was very laid back and relaxed, I believe that is why with number 3 we made it to the hospital just in time to have my little guy. I knew I still needed to go to walmart and buy a few things before I had him so I went shopping while in labor and then headed to the hospital. For sure my 3rd pregnancy was the easiest.

  11. I can’t speak for the difference in pregnancies because this is my first but I think it’s cool that you are more laid back this time around. I freak out about lots of little things.

    As for the registering thing – I’m pretty Southern and therefore anal retentive about such things, but I don’t think a small registry hurts if people are asking you to do it.

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