For The NFL Fan In Your Life

I feel like football has been taking over the blog lately, but I wanted to make sure I shared this with you. I recently blogged about How to Survive Football Season and today I’m going to tell you how to win some major points. Since I am a Verizon Wireless Ambassador, they’ll send out exciting features so often to me in a newsletter. This one is just too good to pass up – and it’s available to you too!

Are you a football fan? If so, we have good news for you and any NFL fans in your life! Verizon is offering NFL Mobile Premium for FREE now through Monday, October 1. NFL Mobile Premium will let you catch this week’s live Sunday and Monday Night NFL games, and includes access to live video features of NFL Mobile, including the live games, NFL RedZone and the NFL Network. To access, call **NFL, to receive free access. 

My husband is already excited about having this extra NFL access over the weekend. Hope it helps you win some points with the NFL fan in your life too!

We went to the doctor’s office yesterday to get some more information about his shoulder. Of course, he was watching golf on my HTC Droid Incredible 4G while we waited for the doctor…

Obsessed, I tell you.

And now for the fun part. Here’s a lovely image of my husband’s shoulder. See how his collarbone is no longer connected to his shoulder and it’s just kind of floating up there? That would be the “separation.” Obviously.

The doctor said it’s a “Grade 3 AC Separation”. They can do surgery to repair it, but rest and rehab without surgery usually repairs it just as well. We go back in another week for a final assessment, but the doctor seems confident that he won’t need surgery. Praise the Lord!

Are you more into college football or NFL? Who do you cheer for?  

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been provided with products and services in exchange for my honest opinions about the products. As always, my thoughts and opinions are all my own. 


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7 Responses to For The NFL Fan In Your Life

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  2. That sounds like a good prognosis! I’m crossing my fingers that when y’all go back, no surgery is the final call.

    My husband and I are big college football fans. We went to Texas Tech, and while we were students, our team was pretty darn good. In recent years, not so much. But we are just as happy to see our rival teams (University of Texas and Texas A&M) lose as we are to see our red raiders win.*

  3. My husband is going to be SO excited about this. He is always bummed when his beloved Chargers aren’t on TV here in Utah!

    I’m glad your hubby doesn’t need surgery!

  4. i am more of a acollege fan, but i dont turn my nose up at pro football either.. loooove it all!

  5. I loved your football widow post. I totally feel that way, but cannot find the strength to actually jump on board and like the game! So what happens is we go out to breakfast together, then B watches game after game with his brother all day, while I hit the farmer’s markets, bake and go to lunch with my girlfriends. It’s a win-win! 🙂 Glad the shoulder problem can be fixed!

  6. Reenie

    OUCH!!! This looks painful. I hope all goes well…and it heals on its own.

  7. Suzanne

    I am more of a pro football fan but I got into college football after my law school days at Michigan State University. My favorite pro team is the Buffalo Bills.

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