Little Miss Athlete: 31 Weeks

I’m officially 31 weeks pregnant!

My husband keeps telling me that he thinks my due date is wrong because he thinks she’s going to run out of room in the next two months.

But that was before he saw my photo from 31 weeks last time – he thinks I was actually bigger last time. What do you think?

It really does feel like she is running out of room in there. I remember the Mini Athlete moving around a lot, but I feel like she has more violent movements! My mom said maybe she’s a violent sleeper like me…I hadn’t thought of that. It always seems like she’s jabbing me with a leg or elbow. Guess that’s how my husband feels…

I’m going for my first doctor’s appointment back with my original doctor on Friday. I can’t wait to see her again!

My “hip pain” is back in full force, but I’m not so sure it’s the same pain I had last time. This feels like a pretty classic case of sciatica – which I’ve mentioned before that I thought it might be. I’ll be asking my doctor if she has any suggestions for relief, but I know carrying the Mini Athlete on one hip isn’t helping. It’s just so hard to not pick him up when he’s asking me to!

Speaking of the Mini Athlete, he is loving preschool these days. He has settled into his routine and loves hanging out with his little buddies. But sometimes he plays a little too hard. 🙂

Yes, he fell asleep while eating lunch.




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8 Responses to Little Miss Athlete: 31 Weeks

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  2. You look beautiful. yes husbands have completely forgotten what we looked like the first time. you look about the same size but you are carrying lower. That can have total havoc on your sciatic nerve. I had it horribly with the second one. I did acupuncture, heat, Tylenol (every once in a blue moon I would take 3 Advil to try and get some relief), sleep with lots of pillows and do yoga to stretch out your hips. Have fun at your doctor’s appointment. 🙂

  3. I’d like to take a naptime lunch 😀 So cute!

  4. I just thought of this – here are yoga poses to ease sciatica problems. Do the poses that you can or that make you feel better. I know some of these you won’t be able to b/c of being on your back or your belly getting in the way.

  5. That photo of Mini Athlete asleep at the lunch table is PRECIOUS! I think you look absolutely amazing! My cousin is due with her first baby any day now, and she was having me feel his head through her stomach a couple of weeks ago and it all just amazes me! I can’t wait to have one of my own!

  6. Ok, I don’t know what gender I’m having (I’m 34 weeks tomorrow), but I swear my little baby jabs me like crazy AND I’ve been have hip (girdle, I think) pain for a couple of weeks now.

    I get these painful jabs in the same spot on the left side…everyday. It never fails! Sometimes I have to physically push it’s pointiness back in! haha

    Wouldn’t trade it though 😉

  7. I LOVE it when my kids fall asleep in their high chairs!! So cute.

  8. Awwwww! So cute that he fell asleep at the table!

    Hope you get some relief from your hip pain. I’ve heard that seeing a chiropractor can help, because it’s technically a shift in your bones that puts weight on the sciatica nerve. GOOD LUCK!

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