Going Broke on Good Deals

We are slowly but surely getting ready for Little Miss Athlete’s arrival. Her crib should arrive this week and the rest of her nursery is slowly but surely coming together.

Lately, I’ve been working hard at “going broke on good deals.”

First, I bought this awesome City Mini Double Jogger from Amy for $125! We have the single version and have loved it, so I knew we would love this one too. The Mini Athlete saw it and immediately insisted on going for a walk in it. I think he approves.

On Friday evening, my mom and I headed out to a “pre-sale” at a big consignment sale called Rhea Lana. They have them all over the United States and this one in particular is being held this week in our local mall. It’s insane!

There were SO many great items, and of course I found a few outfits that Little Miss Athlete “neeeeeeded”. Oh and I found a Halloween costume for the Mini Athlete for just $4.00! That’s my kind of deal.

On Saturday morning, we drove past a few garage sales and I saw this:

A Pottery Barn Kids table for $20? I had to have it! My mom has a little table similar to this and the Mini Athlete loves sitting at it. I imagine he’ll spend a lot of time sitting this table over the years too! I love it.

And then, on Sunday, I found myself surfing Craigslist and stumbled across this:

Yep, a Double BOB. Actually, exactly like the single BOB we already have and LOVE. (Clearly, this photo is from a few months ago. The belly is WAY bigger now!)

The ad listed the Double BOB for $300. These babies retail for well over $500 – maybe closer to $600? I knew I had to check it out. So I did. And it came home with me for $250. Hooray for negotiating!

So yes, now I have two double strollers and two single strollers. There will be another post about that craziness soon, but for now, I just wanted to share with you my latest finds.

Oh and one other thing. A few weeks ago, I found a dresser on Craigslist for $20. My Dad came by and sanded it on Friday so it was ready to paint.

I decided to work on that project on Sunday (in a well-ventilated place, taking all necessary precautions) and got a good first coat on the dresser. Everything went great until I went to put the lid back on the paint can.

I lined up the lid, grabbed a screwdriver and “BAM!” pounded it down on the paint can lid.

Lesson learned: Do NOT do that.

This will happen.

Paint spattered everywhere. And that photo is taken after I cleaned the paint out of my eye. Yes, it got IN my eye. On my contact lens even.

Lesson learned.

Have you found any great deals lately? 


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11 Responses to Going Broke on Good Deals

  1. I am seriously so impressed with your deals!!

  2. I am SO jealous of your double bob deal!!! I’ve been looking for one forever but they are so darn expensive. 🙂

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  4. oooh we loved our bob when ours was little!!

  5. I LOVE shopping for deals! I’m so frugal that I hate to spend more than $20 on anything. That’s great you’re into DIY. I am also planning to paint a big courior?/hutch we inherited from the furniture from my S.O’s grandmother this winter. Also, you should recoup some of the outgoing $$$ when you slim down your stroller stock 😉

  6. I have yet to make it by the mall. I might try to go tomorrow evening after I get off from work… we’ll see if they have anything left!

  7. amanda

    We have been doing the same thing! I peruse Craigslist like it’s my job. LOVE the pottery barn table and chairs!

  8. My MIL introduced me to the art of consignment sales and now I am so addicted. I’ll be hitting up a couple more after our last shower.

    Also, I don’t know if there’s a Buy Buy Baby near you, but I have had really good luck with their coupon policy so far. I got our stroller for 60% off!

  9. I love your shopping find updates! I need to be better at keeping an eye out for these kind of deals. Your posts have so inspired me to be proactively, frugal with our needs.

    Recently I found a wood, activity cube for my 11 month old. It is a 12″x12″x12″ station that he can stand at and it has all sorts of things to do. These typically go for $150, I got ours for $10! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Oh yes! I love a good deal! I stop in at Goodwill every now and then and usually don’t find much, but last weekend I found 2 pairs of jeans, 2 shirts, a Columbia vest, a Gapbody jacket and a fall wreath for … $35! I mentioned it on my blog this week. Kudos to you on your great finds too!

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