Little Miss Athlete: 33 Weeks

I’m really not sure if I should call this 33 weeks or 34 works since I think “technically” I’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow. But I never got around to doing this week’s post so this will have to do. Here I am at 33 (almost 34) weeks!

Several of you commented on my last post that you’d love to see a house tour of our new home. To be honest, we still have a lot to do so I’m not sure I’m ready for all that yet. But I did change the scenery of this week’s bump photo so you get a little sneak peek into our bedroom. Probably should have moved my husband’s flip flops out of the way though…

Compare that to the same shirt at 31 weeks…

(Just looks lighter thanks to Instagram.)

Do I look bigger? Funny fact – I’m not. Well, weight wise anyway. My weight stayed exactly the same at this week’s appointment as my appointment two weeks ago. Little Miss Athlete is still measuring on track so they’re not worried – but I’ve only gained 17 lbs so far this pregnancy! WAY different from the Mini Athlete where I gained about 40 lbs overall. At 33 weeks last time around…


And this time around…

Trying on a dress that I didn’t actually buy, although I’m kicking myself a little after seeing this photo. But look closely…see the pull in the fabric on the front of the dress? And it was the only one they had. Oh well.

I don’t think I look all that different this time around, but I do feel WAY different. I really think the fact that I was carrying at least an extra 10 pounds last time around made a big impact on my joints. My hips were in so much pain last time around – the hip pain I’ve felt this time has been minuscule in comparison.

I even felt up to going to a high school football game last night!

Not sure why the guy in the Gator shirt is giving my husband the stink eye. Think he could tell Nate is a Seminole fan?

We had a great time taking the Mini Athlete to his first football game at our alma mater…although bleachers were definitely not made for pregnant people. Ouch.

This morning, my in-laws came over for breakfast…but before that, the Mini Athlete caught up on SportsCenter while eating his O’s…

And then the Mini Athlete enjoyed reading some books with Papa.

Yes, my father-in-law cheers for the wrong team. But we love him anyway.

We headed downtown to my parents’ house and walked over to the Sun Fiesta. I resisted the urge to buy a funnel cake…although it is sounding REALLY good as I sit and type this…

And then my Mom and I headed to Goodwill.  Our favorite place. I realized today that Goodwill is the only place I ever take the Mini Athlete shopping. He’s going to think that’s the only store that exists. I think I’m okay with that.

I got seven new outfits for Little Miss Athlete ($0.99 each) and this awesome bib for $0.59. Since her Daddy will likely be the one doing her hair, I figured she has to have it. 🙂

My husband and my Dad did all kinds of work around our house this afternoon – trimming trees, weeding, hanging curtains and hanging a new fan in Little Miss Athlete’s room.

And now dinner is in the oven and college football is on tv.

Life is good.

What are you up this weekend?



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9 Responses to Little Miss Athlete: 33 Weeks

  1. Tabitha

    I like mom’s houndstooth shirt, ROLL TIDE! 😉

  2. You lost me at “I could have gotten funnel cake but I didn’t”

    I just don’t understand you anymore.

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  4. Pam

    That bib is priceless. What a find!

  5. Kat

    You looks so cute! The belly is growing since i last saw you, but you look tiny still! Now I gotta find you on Instagram 😉

  6. Good day Callie! It’s very nice to see your cheering face, truly chilling!! I can imagine your delight and excitement about your little champ :). Good luck for this wonderful Mini Athlete. Hope it’ll fill your dream once. Blessings!

  7. Ara

    You are such a cute pregnant lady! SO cute!!! Your family is adorable and your little boy is just too cute!

  8. OH my!!! I lol’d at the pic on the bleachers! I hear gators have a keen sense of smell, so I’m sure he sensed your hubby’s loyalty! 😉

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