Rev3 Triathlon: Volunteer Appreciation Open House

Finally…something fitness-related on the blog! 🙂

Something very exciting is coming to my small town – the Rev3 Triathlon! This triathlon is a 70.3 – the same distance as a Half Ironman. I have to tell you – I think they have picked a GREAT location for the race. But I might be biased.

I’m obviously not racing, but I did sign up to volunteer. I’ll be helping out at Packet Pick-Up tomorrow afternoon and will be at the finish line on Sunday morning. I can’t wait!

Rev3 hosted a Volunteer Appreciation Open House tonight and the Mini Athlete and I went to check it out. Warning: these are quite possibly the worst, blurriest photos I’ve ever posted on the blog. But that’s what you get when you’re 34 weeks pregnant, balancing a 16 month old on your hip and taking photos with your phone.

(PS: He loves taking self-portraits with the phone. He often holds my phone at arm’s length with the camera facing him and says “Cheese!!!!” Too cute.)

The Open House was held at a local Panera and I couldn’t believe the crowd when I pulled into the parking lot. So many people!

Hmm. Maybe you can’t really tell in that picture, but there really were a ton of people! Maybe this shows it better?

We got in line to check in and get my volunteer t-shirt. I took a risk and got a medium, but I’m happy to say it fits over my baby bump! The Mini Athlete seemed to like it too.

If you happen to be racing this triathlon this weekend, I’ll be one in the bright yellow shirt with a big pregnant belly. Images of the sun on the Jimmy Dean commercials are coming to mind…

Can’t you picture it?

I promise I’ll post photos.

Have you ever volunteered at a race? This will be my second time volunteering! The first time was at the Miami International Triathlon a few years ago – seeing everyone out there competing played a big part in inspiring me to start running and working toward doing my first triathlon!


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6 Responses to Rev3 Triathlon: Volunteer Appreciation Open House

  1. Volunteering for races always seems like so much fun, but I’ve never done it myself; I’d love to though! It’s so nice they had an appreciation time for you all too!

  2. James and I will be volunteering, too! We’re working with VABI at one of the Aid Stations… at the Caspersen’s Pavilion I think. Woohoo! Weather should be nice!

  3. Ok, you’ve inspired me, I’m going to find a race to volunteer at! I’ve always just ran them, and never really thought about volunteering. A tri sounds like the perfect place to do it!

  4. I’ve had the opportunity to work at a few Ironmans in Clearwater, before I was a runner, and I found it to be so exciting and inspiring. Have a wonderful time, and may you be a “ray of sunshine” to the athletes you encounter 😉

  5. Thanks for coming out to volunteer! We couldn’t put on these races without help from great volunteers like you!! 🙂

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