Signed Up – First Post-Baby 5k!

First, because I know your lives won’t be complete without it, here is the Mini Athlete in his Halloween costume!

Oh the adorableness.

We went to our friends’ James & Casey‘s house for a Halloween party that evening and had a blast with a bunch of other little munchkins. Even Little Miss Athlete had a costume! 🙂

Yep, my belly became a pumpkin for the evening. I couldn’t resist.

But what I really wanted to tell you all is that I have signed up for my first post-baby 5k!!!!

I got an email on Halloween offering $10 off the registration of the Suncoast Classic 5k for the first 100 people who signed up – making it only $15 to enter! I couldn’t resist. (The code is fall4savings in case anyone is interested – not sure if they have hit 100 yet! It’s good on either the 5k or the 10k)

The race is in St. Petersburg on March 2. I think that gives me a pretty good window to get ready for it after having Little Miss Athlete sometime in the next month. It’s also a very low-key, stroller-friendly, walker-friendly race so there’s no pressure to run it fast. But I can’t tell you how excited I am to have my next race on the calendar!

My husband actually ran it last year while I was at the Disney Princess Half Marathon and he signed up to run it again too.

I immediately called Katie and told her about it – she’s running it too! And we encouraged/coerced/forced our friend Jenn to sign up for it as well – it will be her FIRST 5k!

Can you tell I’m already getting excited about this race?


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  1. Ali

    Make sure you join the IRunMommies team!! We are usually the biggest fundraising group for this event. All our kiddo’s do the dashes, the mini athlete must do this. Megan Mcgee is our coordinator. Good luck with all the fun you have coming up in the next couple of months!!

  2. okay, I’m going to have to do the 5K. Will either walk or run/walk. Last year I did the 10K and I think it was my fastest 10K ever with an average pace under 11 min/mi (you know that’s fast for me). So sad. The boys did the Pelican Mile last year. I’ll see if I can convince them to do it again. They haven’t been into the races lately (like their mama, I guess). I have to support the IRM team…last 2 yrs we were top fundraisers!

  3. Hmmm, maybe I should read the other comments before joining in and repeating what has already been said? LOL <3 my girl Ali!

  4. I signed up!!! (arent you proud of me!?)

  5. First of all, the Mini Athlete looks adorable in his costume. Also, I love that race! I did the 10k a few years ago. Maybe I’ll do it again.

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