Spectating the 2012 Women’s Half Marathon

I hate admitting that my husband is right, but this time he was. I’m glad I listened to him and decided to not run the 5k because I had so much fun spectating the half marathon!

I posted last night that we would be at mile 4.5. That meant we had to leave our house in Venice (an hour away) before 6:30am to have any hope of catching Meghann and Mary before they passed. We cut it close but we made it!

We really had a great spot for spectating. There weren’t very many people on the side of the course at that point and we were able to park really close. I also loved that so many of you knew to be watching for us – thanks for saying hi!

A runner’s view of our spectating spot (photo credit to Meghann!)

I don’t think the Mini Athlete quite understood what was going on…

But he actually did seem to enjoy watching all the people running past. We’re lucky he loves being in his stroller so much!

I made a sign last night, but didn’t end up holding it very long. It’s really tough to hold a sign, cheer and take pictures all at the same time! But this is what I came up with, based on some suggestions on Twitter:

I wish I had seen one of the great suggestions in the comments on my blog last night in time – how funny would this have been?



I did ask a few runners if they’ll come cheer for me while I’m in labor. I also found myself incredibly jealous of everyone running. It definitely taught me not to take running a race for granted!

We saw several other friends there at Mile 4.5…I particularly love this photo of my friend Jessica who was running her first half marathon!

We saw the 2:30 pace group pass and knew Katie wouldn’t be far behind. And sure enough – she was right there!

I hated that I wasn’t the one out there running with her – but I couldn’t have been more proud of her! She looked GREAT.

We cheered for a while longer and then loaded back up into the car to head downtown toward the finish line. We parked in the BayWalk garage (only had to pay $1.00!) and walked toward the Pier – another great spectating spot. We got there too late to see Meghann and Mary, but we did see Katie again!

In case you’re wondering about those outfits, those are the official IRunMommies uniforms. They are such a great idea for a race – they’re so easy to spot!

From that point, we decided to walk on down to the finish line. I was happy to see my friends heading to the finish! First I saw Mary…

Then Meghann…

And then more friends than I can count! I had so much fun cheering them on to the finish.

I decided to move just past the finish line so I could (hopefully) get a good photo of Katie crossing it. And I did!

She did such a great job – and I couldn’t be more proud! Remember, this is the girl who used to laugh at the idea of running. I never ever thought she would be out there, running races. And quite frankly, neither did she. Now she’s finished two half marathons and doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon!

I can’t wait to be out there running with her again soon!

After the race, a bunch of us headed to my favorite Sunday brunch place – Harvey’s. We were quite a crowd!

I love this photo Meghann took of the Mini Athlete.

Such a happy baby.

Great times with great friends!

While part of me does wish I had a shiny medal to show for all the walking I did today, I’m glad I took the opportunity to spectate the race. I figured out that I walked about 2 miles today – not quite a 5k, but still a lot for me at 38 weeks pregnant. And while I’m sure I could have finished the 5k, I loved being able to celebrate my friends’ accomplishments today!



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10 Responses to Spectating the 2012 Women’s Half Marathon

  1. Glad you enjoyed being a spectator, and you look fantastic 🙂 Fear not, you’ll be back on the pavement soon!

  2. It sounds like you made a great decision! I’ve never spectated a race but I think it would be fun! I love your sign- so funny:) The mini athlete is looking as cute as ever too:) So precious…

  3. Liz

    Looks like you had just as much fun watching as you would have running. That was a great race report from the sidelines and great pictures. 🙂 I am kind of jealous myself.

  4. It was so much fun seeing you out on the course yesterday! Thank you for spectating and giving us a boost of energy with your cheers! You’ll be back out there racing soon enough and i can’t wait to cheer you on to new PRs and goals! 🙂

  5. Katie looks so great and so put-together after her race! I’m pretty sure I’d be a big ol mess! Congrats to all your friends! And, congrats to you for doing what you felt was best for you, even though you felt the pull to run yourself 🙂

  6. Lauren

    Don’t know you, obviously, but I saw your picture on Meghann’s blog and realized that we saw you and your adorable family on the course. My girlfriend and I have seriously loud biological clocks and I’m pretty sure I squeaked and said “OMG cutest family ever!” Anyway, it really helps to have spectators and I just wanted to say thanks. 🙂

  7. Great job spectating! You’re growing a human so hubby was right on the 5k.

    Hope to see you running with 2 mini athletes soon!

  8. It’s great that even though you couldn’t participate you still went to cheer on your friends. I’m sure they appreciated it! You look great by the way!

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