Pregnant in Heels: An Interview With Rosie Pope!

Last Friday, I had the privilege of getting a few minutes to chat with Rosie Pope from Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels”!

I’ve been a fan of Rosie’s for quite a while and couldn’t have been more excited about the opportunity to interview her for the blog. Thankfully, I found her just as down to earth as you might imagine her to be. She had a few bloggers lined up for interviews and I was lucky enough to go first. We sat down in the cafe at the Tampa Museum of Art and just started chatting like old friends. We do have a lot in common!

Rosie has three children, with her youngest two both being under the age of two. Since I’m about to have two under two, I definitely wanted to pick her brain about that. She’s also a working mom (as am I) and is passionate about fitness. She gave lots of great advice!

Having Two Under Two: I asked Rosie about this since her two youngest are 20 months and 6 months old. She reminded me about the early days with the Mini Athlete. Newborn infants require basic necessities, but they don’t require a lot of attention. She reminded me that the Mini Athlete does need my attention. While Little Miss Athlete will be content to sleep in her bassinet (hopefully!), the Mini Athlete is learning and doing so much every day. It’s important to keep paying attention to him, even though Little Miss Athlete will be keeping me busy too!

She also suggested setting up our house so that things are as easy as possible. She suggested little things like keeping diaper changing necessities in the living room. Little things add up to make life a lot easier.

Being a Working Mom: Rosie is an entrepreneur and is always busy with one business venture or another. I asked her about “mommy guilt” and I thought she had a great response. She told me that every mom has guilt – just might be about different things! Remember that you can’t (and don’t have to) “have it all” in one day. She really encourages working moms to “be in the moment” and to think about the quality of time you’re spending with your kids. For instance, Rosie says she tries really hard to not schedule anything on the weekends so she can dedicate them entirely to her kids.

Getting Back in Shape After Having a Baby: I would imagine that Rosie felt a bit of pressure to get back into shape after having her baby given her public persona. I asked her advice about getting into shape after having a baby, and her first advice?

“Get into a good emotional place before you start dieting and exercising.”

I thought this was great advice. She explained that there is such an emotional connection with health, fitness and diet. While working out makes you feel better, that first (crappy) run after having a baby might send you into a tailspin if you’re not in a good emotional place. That being said, she also said that the longer you wait to lose the baby weight, the harder it is to lose it.

Her favorite way to work out? Running! She said she doesn’t consider herself to be an “avid runner” and doesn’t train for races, but she loves the convenience of running. She said she has grown to love running over time because of how efficient it is – a necessity for this busy mom! She said she would consider her max to probably be a 5k, and typically aims for 2 miles three to four days a week. She said she does run with a stroller on occasion, but actually prefers to run alone and recommends that for other moms. She said, “You need a break – take the 30 minutes for yourself.”

We talked about all sorts of things – from marriage, to workouts, to shoes! I’m quite sure I took more than my allotted 10 minutes, but I really enjoyed the chance to get to know her.

As you may know, Rosie has her own maternity line and one of the last things I asked her is if she plans on adding fitness apparel to her line. She said she has considered it and flipped the question back on me! She asked if I thought she should add a fitness line. At first, I thought probably not, but the more I’ve thought about it, the more sold I am on the idea.

But let me ask that question of all of you…

Do you think Rosie Pope should add fitness clothes to her maternity line? Would you buy maternity-specific workout gear?


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5 Responses to Pregnant in Heels: An Interview With Rosie Pope!

  1. It sounds like you had some great time with Rosie, and it sounds like she has a lot of great advice! I definitely agree that living in the moment is really helpful for balancing in work and family situations.

  2. I think Maternity workout wear is a great idea!! I wasn’t very active with my first baby, but plan to be whenever baby #2 may happen (a looooong way from now….)

  3. I really loved her line that said “Get into a good emotional place before you start dieting and exercising.” That is wonderful advice that doesn’t just apply to getting in shape after a baby. That piece of advice is something I will definitely remember.

    I think maternity workout clothes is a great idea. When I do have kids one day, I plan to exercise as much as I can and workout clothes to accommodate a big belly would be nice 🙂

  4. Liz

    Great interview. I can’t really chime in on the maternity clothes question. Them days are over for me. I will leave that to you young people. 🙂

  5. It sounds like you had such a great time meeting her! What a great opportunity! As for the maternity fitness line, I think it is a great idea! Women are encouraged to stay active throughout pregnancy for a multitude of reasons and should have the opportunity to look great while doing it!

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