There are a lot of sniffles around our house right now. I am STILL fighting this cold virus (two weeks later!), the Mini Athlete has a runny nose (AGAIN!) and now Little Miss Athlete has a stuffy nose.

My life is full of boogers.


Little Miss Athlete’s stuffy nose is seriously messing with her sleep. We were up a lot last night. I went to bed around 8:45pm. We were up:







Whew. Long night.

The great thing about being a second time mom? I know it won’t last forever. Sure, it’s tough to get through right now but we WILL make it through. If I could just start feeling better, it would be a whole lot easier!

My big accomplishments of the day?

Decorating the Christmas tree.

Taking a walk.

And snuggling with this little princess all day.

Sniffles and all.


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7 Responses to Sniffles

  1. I enjoyed my second baby SO much more than the first! I was able to relax and not worry so much. It was awesome. Little Miss Athlete is ADORABLE!

  2. So sorry to hear about you and your kids. I hope everyone gets better soon. Love the photo of Little Miss Athlete!

  3. Liz

    I hope you all find a way to get through the dreaded sniffle. It never seems to end with the kids. Get well soon. 🙂 Little miss is so precious. 🙂

  4. HeatherM

    I hope each of you feels better soon. Remember newborns are obligatory nose breathers. This means they can’t breathe out of their mouths yet, they can only breathe out of their nose. So when a newborn’s itty bitty nose gets clogged with boogers, the baby can end up in respiratory distress very quickly. So make sure little miss athlete is very closely monitored by your pediatrician, since a cold in a newborn can be very dangerous, unlike a cold in older babies. If she is breathing faster than 60 breaths/minute, is feeding less than normal, has fewer wet diapers than normal, her soft spot is sunken, or she has skin tugging or pulling at her neck or around her ribs when she breathes, go to the ER right away, because when babies get into dangerous territory w/ breathing, it happens very fast. And you are doing the right thing feeding her every 1-2 hours right now. Since she can’t breathe well out of her nose she is going to tire out before she can finish a full feeding, so she needs to be fed more often than normal. I used to see A LOT of newborns end up in the hospital from a simple cold when I was a PICU nurse. Hopefully you can all get through this without an even more exhausting hospital stay.

    • Thanks for your comment! It really makes me feel better about her eating every two hours. Thankfully, she hasn’t seemed to get fully clogged and is still able to breath (even though she has a bit of a snore). I’ll be sure to watch for the signs you mentioned. Thanks!

  5. hope everyone feels better soon. i’m impressed that you were able to decorate the tree with everything going on–it’s beautifu!

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