Don’t Take It For Granted

A friend posted an article today that reminded me just how blessed I am to be at home with a happy, healthy (well, except the sniffles) and thriving little baby girl. How blessed I am to have had such an uneventful pregnancy. Such an easy delivery.

I shouldn’t take any of those things for granted.

This article, published today in the Tampa Bay Times, is written by a mother relaying her experience of giving birth to a “micro preemie”, a baby born at 23 weeks, 6 days. It is powerful, raw and gut-wrenching.

It hit home for two reasons.

First, because of the two week old baby I am holding in my arms who was born at the same hospital, under very different circumstances.

Second, because of one of my closest friends, Ali.

Ali is 25 weeks pregnant.

Her water broke on November 26.

Since that time, she has been on bedrest in a hospital in Seattle. Every day that passes is so crucial for her baby girl. The doctors are hopeful that she won’t deliver for a while, but you just never know. One of the hardest parts? She has a two year old son and she will likely (hopefully) be in the hospital for Christmas. Thankfully, she has a wonderful husband as well as amazing friend and family support – and her faith and positive outlook on the situation is absolutely inspiring.

Please keep Ali, her little baby girl Ever Belle, and their family in your thoughts and prayers. I know she would love to receive Christmas cards or other goodies so if you’d like her address at the hospital, let me know and I’ll get it to you!

And in the meantime, remember to not take anything for granted today.



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7 Responses to Don’t Take It For Granted

  1. My mom went into labor around the same number of weeks with my little brother. She too was in the hospital on bed rest trying not to have him, and they managed to hold off another 6 weeks. We were lucky and everything with him turned out 100% fine. Praying for your friend as I type this. I know how tough and scary that is…

  2. Hugs and prayers to your friend. It’s a tough time. My water broke at 19 weeks… so way too early for help or hope. Fortunately, 25 weeks has a wonderful prognosis. I’ll be praying for nothing but good news.

  3. Amy

    12 years ago, I was in the same position as your friend. My water broke at 28 weeks and I had to stay in the hospital on bed rest. I made it 5 1/2 weeks. My son was born at 33.5 weeks and only had to stay in the hospital for 10 days. He is now a perfectly healthy 12 year old. Tell your friend to hang in there. Baby girls who are premature do much better than boys. I know exactly what she’s going through! I also had an 18 month at home. My prayers are with her and her baby!

  4. Saying some prayers for your friends. Scary business.

    You are so right that we need to be thankful for what we have instead of taking these things for granted!*

  5. Jen

    Thoughts and prayers to your friend

  6. Joy

    If you’ll email me her address I’d love to send some stuff to her and her family! Every year we adopt a family for Christmas (they don’t have to be having $ issues but just be needing some “Christmas spirit” as said like that kid in some movie I’ve long forgotten but all the time I use his voice to say that phrase)

  7. Ara

    I don’t have kids, and at the rate I’m going (very single right now) I don’t know if I will, but my heart breaks for the woman in this article and for your dear friend in Seattle. One thing I do know though is Seattle has an AMAZING children’s hospital. I believe it’s called Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital. My friend had to take her little boy there from Utah to get assistance with his many health issues. I pray for your friend every day. Please keep us posted on how she is doing.

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