Tree Lighting in the Park

Thanks for all the sweet words and thoughts for my friend Ali. I’ll keep you posted on her and Ever Belle!

Today is one of those days I remember just how much I love being in my hometown. We woke up this morning (after a MUCH better night of sleep!) and enjoyed a little breakfast as a family. Then it was time to go out and about!

It looks like we may be doing our first home renovation soon. To be honest, the HGTV-loving part of me is really excited about it! Most of our house had been updated when we moved in, but our master bathroom left something to be desired. Well, due to some mold issues in the wall, it looks like we need to replace the tile in our shower sooner than later. Whoohoo! I have to say I won’t be missing the buttery yellow color of the tile in there.

One of Nate’s best friends (one of the groomsmen in our wedding) owns a tile shop in town so we went over there first thing this morning to pick out what we want. I think we’re going with a very neutral palate (think white) because my grand plan for the bathroom is to go with a soft, calm light grey and white color scheme.

I’ll hopefully be blogging about the project as it happens (hopefully over Christmas break!) and it was exciting to get the wheels in motion this morning!

After shopping for tile, we headed over to my parents’ house. We tend to spend a lot of time over there. Some of you read my mom’s blog and know that they were living in a 500 square foot cottage for the past year. Well, that’s no longer the case! They’re now in their beautiful new home (that my mom designed – EVERYTHING about it) and we love hanging out there. Today was no exception!

Little Miss Athlete had a nice heart to heart chat with her Amma…

And the Mini Athlete spent some time practicing his guitar skills.

We headed back home for naptime (I even got a glorious nap in today!) and then we were heading out the door again, back to the grandparents’ house!

My parents’ new house is right on this awesome park “on the Island” – which essentially is the downtown part of our town. This is their house, as seen from the park…

And this is the view of the park as I walked there from their house…

Pretty sweet, huh?

Oh and I forgot this photo from earlier today when Amma and the Mini Athlete were running races through the park together.

Pretty sweet, huh? I know that my children will absolutely love playing in “Amma & Grandpa’s park” as they grow up.

Tonight, our wonderful small town held a tree lighting ceremony in the park. There were crafts for the kids…

And cookies and hot cocoa!

Yep, I ate a point off the star before I thought to take a photo of it. Don’t judge.

And all of this was free of charge. I love being a small town.

Little Miss Athlete hung out in my sling (LOVE that thing!) Oh and YES, those are pre-pregnancy jeans! WHAT!?! Craziness.

The Mini Athlete spent some time with his Auntie Bubba (aka Auntie Ashlyn)…

And with his grandparents, of course.

Some local schools and preschools performed in the park, and then the Mayor had the crowd countdown to the tree lighting, “3…2…1…Merry Christmas!”

And then, Santa Claus came riding into the park! Love it. The park is full of trees and every year, a family “adopts” each tree and decorates it in honor/memory of a loved one. At the tree lighting, Mrs. Claus hands each child three tickets and everyone walks around and votes for their favorite trees by placing the tickets in a bag by their favorite tree(s). There were some great trees out there!

And then…we got to see Santa!

The lighting wasn’t the best, but I love how the gingerbread man looks like part of our family. Hilarious.

What an awesome day.

Does your town have any unique holiday traditions?



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11 Responses to Tree Lighting in the Park

  1. I am so sad that I missed tonight 🙁 James and Eli went, though, and had a great time!!

  2. Ara

    Posts like this make me wish I lived in a small town. Our city does nothing; however, in downtown Salt Lake City at Temple Square, they do a lighting every year and I’ve been once and it is AMAZING, but there are soooo many people, sometimes it gets too crowded, ya know?

  3. I’m not home right now, but our company did decorated the floor where I work and there may be a party in the works. That looks like a very nice family event. 🙂

  4. You’re parents new house is beautiful and what an awesome location! Congrats on the pre-pregnancy jeans already! That is quite a feat you lucky lady 🙂 So far, I don’t have any traditions in our home, but this is our first Christmas together, so it’s the prime time to make a couple 😉

  5. Your children are so precious 🙂 Im envious of your small town life!

  6. Crystal

    I love that infant carrier/wrap! What kind is it?

  7. Wow! Looks like a fun day! Our town puts Christmas lights on tractors and then does a parade of the tractors through a big farm field. After wards we warm up (I live in Canada) with hot chocolate in a barn, eat cookies, and meet Santa. (Santa rides the last tractor in the parade).

  8. Your weather is amazing! I am so jealous of warm climates!
    Our town does NOTHING unique. The mayor would about crap his pants if anything new happened SIGH. Our kids do like the parade and tree lighting and stuff but our own traditions are funner for them! funner. Is that a word?

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