A Morning Adventure

Before I tell you about our adventure this morning, I have to share this photo with you. Little Miss Athlete made her acting debut on Sunday as Baby Jesus in a church Christmas program!

And yes, I played Mary. It actually came together very last minute. I grew up in this church and while our family goes elsewhere now, I still feel very close and connected to my church family there. I can’t tell you how many plays I’ve performed in there over the years! Remember Mandy, the nurse who delivered both my babies? Her parents are still really involved in the church and her mom called me on Sunday afternoon, asking if Little Miss Athlete and I could be there that evening for the play since their Mary and baby Jesus had to cancel at the last minute. I knew I couldn’t turn her down…after all, how often does your child get the chance to play Baby Jesus? 🙂

We didn’t have to do much – I just stood by the manger holding her as Mandy’s dad sang “Mary Did You Know?” – one of my favorite Christmas songs, by the way. But I have to say she did a perfect job. She was awake for her performance, but didn’t cry at all! She moved her arms just enough so the audience knew I had a live baby in my arms. Perfect. Can you tell I’m already a proud mama?

Little Miss is still waking up about every two hours during the night – which results in pretty interrupted sleep for all of us! So after another long night last night, I knew I needed some coffee. I also wanted to get a walk in this morning so I combined both and thought of places in walking distance to get a cup of coffee. Where did I end up?

Angelo’s Italian Market!

I’ve actually only been in the Market once before, I think to pick up dinner with my family one time. But that was before I lived within walking distance and really appreciated what this place has to offer. As you can see, there is space to dine-in if you’d like, or there are plenty of delicious Italian dinners ready to take home. (I’m definitely keeping this in mind for the future when I don’t have time to make dinner!) This place is as authentic as they come. You gotta love when the folks behind the counter are chatting with each other in Italian.  Here’s the story on Angelo’s Italian Market and how they ended up in Venice. For my St. Pete folks, it reminds me of a smaller version of Mazzaro’s – which I love.

I ordered a cappuccino – it just seemed right in a place like this. And it didn’t disappoint either! I was about halfway through it before I thought to take a photo. 🙂 She added some cinnamon and it tasted divine.

Unfortunately, when I nursed Little Miss Athlete after drinking this, she promptly threw up all over me. Oops. Point taken – no cappuccino while nursing apparently!

I somehow resisted buying this entire case of desserts…

Although I do wish I had picked up something for an afternoon snack. Would be perfect right about now!

I’m so glad I thought to walk to Angelo’s this morning – I’m sure it will be an adventure Little Miss and I will be repeating in the future.

I think she enjoyed it…she slept the whole time. 🙂

Do you have any great local spots within walking distance to your house? Tell me about them!


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6 Responses to A Morning Adventure

  1. Sounds like a fantastic morning walk! I did those on each of my three maternity leaves to the Tim Horton’s that’s about a km from my house. I greatly miss them! (The walks, not being on maternity leave – I have no desire for more kids 🙂 )

  2. Ara

    That looks like such a cute/quaint little place. I love places like that. There used to be a German restaurant/deli down the street from my old work that I loved to go to when I’d take walks on my lunch break. I no longer work nearby though, so I don’t go any more.

  3. conni

    that is a fav lunch place for me and your uncle mike. they have the best pizza!

  4. Shaina Reynolds

    What stroller is that? Looks super nice for an infant! I am in the market for a stroller for my 1st! Of course I want a BOB, but is it worth the investment? Who knows!

  5. Adorable and seriously you seem so happy for a mom who’s getting up every 2 hours with your newborn. You are a rockstar.

  6. I just heard that song Mary Did you Know last night for the first time (I’m not Christian so have had limited exposure to the more religious Christmas songs that don’t make it on the radio) and I thought it was just amazing.
    Any little baby (including Little Miss Athlete) could grow up to be something so important and do amazing things. How could you know when you hold your baby all the things she or he will become?
    I’m pretty sure if I hear that song when I do have a kid it’ll make me cry every time. Don’t tell my rabbi!

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