Santa Sighting!

Look who met Santa today!


The Mini Athlete’s school had a visit from Santa today! I wanted to see him interact with Santa, but was afraid if I hung around, he would just want to be with me. (He is a little clingy these days). His teachers offered me the perfect option – I could hide in another teacher’s empty classroom and watch through her window. Awesome!

He did really well!



I can’t wait to see the photos they got of him!

After seeing what a great Santa they had (actually the grandfather of one of the kids in the preschool!) I decided this would be the perfect, low-key opportunity for a photo of Little Miss Athlete with Santa. I had dropped her off with my sister while I took the Mini Athlete to school, but luckily she wasn’t far from the school. And she just happened to be wearing her Christmas pajamas!


We decided to try to get a sibling photo but…it didn’t quite work out as planned. Once the Mini Athlete saw me again, there was no getting him to sit on Santa’s lap. Oops. So this is the best shot we got.


I actually love this photo for one reason. When the Mini Athlete needs comforting, he sucks his thumb with one hand, and uses his other hand to play with the bones in the back of my hand. I used to think it was a little painful, but now I’m used to it. It’s his way of holding hands with me, and I know someday I’ll miss it. Oh and my mom likes to say he’s going to be a hand surgeon because of it. 🙂

Growing up, we never made a big deal of going to see Santa. In fact, I can only remember sitting on his lap one time – at a neighborhood Christmas party. Like I’ve said before, Christmas never revolved around Santa. I don’t want it to for my kids either, but I can’t resist cute photos with the jolly guy.

Do you remember going to see Santa? Was he a big part of your Christmas experience growing up?


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6 Responses to Santa Sighting!

  1. I remember every Christmas Santa use to come to our church and give us an apple and some candy…I have never heard of anyone else having Santa come to church ….

  2. Ara

    I love this post!!! When I was growing up, I was always afraid to sit on Santa’s lap. Not sure why. I always wanted to stand in line & go sit on his lap, but then when it came time sit on his lap, it was a no go.

  3. Liz

    I can’t remember ever sitting on Santa’s lap now that you mentioned it. I love the picture. You are just missing one. 🙂

  4. Hi! I just found your blog (from the Fitterati site) – and I have to say: these pics are ADORABLE!! Too cute ♥ Looking forward to reading more of your blog… Merry (almost) Christmas! 🙂

  5. cute post 🙂 you should check out the documentary called Becoming Santa – my husband and I watched it on christmas and it was pretty interesting to watch the santa experience from the other perspective. my family didn’t make a big deal about santa either but it’s so cool to see these selfless men (and women!) who give their time to keep the christmas spirit alive for so many kids.

    anyway, merry christmas!

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