Christmas Traditions: Caroling

My family is a very musical family. We’re also great traditionalists. Combine the two with Christmas and you’re bound to get some Christmas carols. Whenever my mom’s family would celebrate Christmas, we would dig out the old Christmas songbooks and sing Christmas carols. It’s funny because I remember thinking how wonderful we sounded – when it reality it was probably far from wonderful. But my aunt has a beautiful alto voice, and my uncle would always add in a baritone harmony and to me, it all sounded perfect.

My cousin always insisted we sing every verse (or nearly every verse) and it’s funny now how many of the wonderful Christmas carols I know by heart. Every verse.

As you know, we recently moved to a new neighborhood and we received an invitation to join in the annual Christmas caroling in the neighborhood. My sister used to live in this neighborhood and had told me how much she enjoyed the caroling event. I knew we couldn’t miss it.

My husband (ever the good sport) and I loaded up the kiddos and headed down the street to meet the neighbors at our little park. There were about a dozen of us in all, and we were the youngest ones out there – with the exception of another neighbor’s son. Mostly an adorable group of little old(er) ladies. Someone had brought a pitcher of hot chocolate and someone else had brought brownies to share. Another lady had brought extra jingle bell necklaces, as well as some battery powered candles and Christmas lights.

We borrowed the Christmas lights to decorate the Mini Athlete’s stroller.


We headed out as a group and walked through our neighborhood, singing carols as we went. We knocked on a few doors and sang carols to our neighbors. I realized as we went that while I know every verse to Hark the Herald Angels Sing, I hardly know any words to Frosty the Snowman! Other than Jingle Bells, my knowledge of secular Christmas carols is really lacking.

Despite the fact that it was about 75 degrees outside, my throat started hurting a little after about an hour – probably from singing from so much. We bid our fellow carolers adieu and headed home. The evening’s activities wore everyone out. 🙂



What is your favorite Christmas carol? Have you ever been Christmas caroling? 


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  1. Joy

    I think my favorite is a tie between joy to the world and silent night (English or German) and yes I would carol every year as a child LOVED it!

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