Breaking Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I celebrated the new year by doing things that would break most people’s resolutions – I went shopping, spent money, drank a milkshake and I didn’t work out.

This is why I don’t make resolutions. 🙂

Our local Goodwill had a 50% off today and you all know what a sucker I am for that place! I met my mom there right when they opened and this is what I came home with:


All this for $36! Just in case you want the break down, here it is:

Nicole Miller gold tie – $1.00

2 Pairs of Nike Tempo Shorts – $2.00

Navy Blue Talbots skirt – $2.00

FSU tshirt (for the Mini Athlete) – $0.50

Dress for Little Miss – $0.50

Carters pink pants for Little Miss – $0.50

Carters pink outfit – $0.50

Champion Workout Tank –  $1.50

Blue Alfani Shirt – $1.50

Boppy – $2.50

Perry Ellis men’s shirt – $2.50

Banana Republic silk dress – $7.50

Tissue holder covered in bling – $2.50 (actually for my mom’s house) 🙂

And a pair of flats that I forgot to include in the photo – $3.50

Then my mom called and informed me that Dillards had everything in their store 50% off – and sometimes an extra 50% off that! Nate has been needing some new dress clothes and we were able to find some nice Perry Ellis pants for $20 and also got him a pair of Lucky jeans for just $22. Oh and I couldn’t resist buying these for Little Miss Athlete – her first pair of running shorts! 🙂



Just $3.74. I love a good deal. These are actually size 18m so we have a while before she can wear them but I can just imagine how cute they will look! She seems pretty happy about them too. 🙂



Back to New Year resolutions…I actually did make (and keep) a resolution one year. While in high school, I decided I wasn’t going to eat chocolate for a year – and I didn’t. Even when I went to Europe for the first time. No Swiss chocolate.

Dumbest. Resolution. Ever.

Have you ever made and kept a resolution? Lasted more than one day?


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11 Responses to Breaking Resolutions

  1. Well, I did exercise today, but my eating is still in quasi-holiday mode. Might as well finish off the last Christmas cookies, right?

  2. Rebecca

    Little Miss Athlete looks a lot like the Mini Athlete in that last picture! So cute!

  3. Emily

    You have an amazing Goodwill! I would never find that much good stuff at ours.

  4. Whoa I need to go by my Goodwill some time! Those itty bitty Nike shorts are amazing! I can’t wait to see pictures of her wearing them.

  5. Suzanne

    One year, I made a resolution to stop drinking pop/soda. I lasted the whole year (and then some)! It has been 10 years (wow!)!!

  6. Love that you got so much stuff – I’m all about good deals! ..Not too big on resolutions though (I feel like if I put something totally off limits I end up breaking and going wayyyyy overboard indulging when I do!).. Happy New Years!

  7. I love goodwill!! Most of my little Baby Girl’s clothes come from there – such great deals and it’s kind of like digging for gold! Your little Miss Athlete is so precious 🙂 Love this Picture! Happy New Year!!

  8. Wow, you tore it up at the thrift store! This is making me want to go shopping. Of course, I need to clean out my closet and donate first!

  9. I’m seriously impressed with the good deals you find! And those running shorts are amazing 🙂
    Love Little Miss- she is so precious.

  10. Wooow! She looks like mini’s twin in that last picture! So cute!

  11. She is so cute! Love your goods from Goodwill! I never find anything at ours – hoping that I might find better items in our new city.

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