Sick Sick Sick

It’s been a rough few days around here.

My husband spent the weekend running Ragnar FL Keys (on an ULTRA) team and woke up feeling pretty terrible on Sunday morning. I figured he was probably just dehydrated and worn out after running almost 20 miles.

Well…seems like it was more than that. Apparently he brought a stomach virus back with him from the Keys.

The poor Mini Athlete woke up Tuesday morning with vomit all over and around him. First time in his entire life he has ever thrown up. I’m sure it must have been rather traumatic!

He then proceeded to throw up at least 12 more times that day. We took him to the doctor to make sure he wasn’t too dehydrated (he wasn’t) and they told us to just let it run its course. There were lots of snuggles and cartoons over the next 24 hours.



I’m happy to report that he was back to his normal happy self today…


I sure did miss that little smile. 🙂

I had ever intention of running yesterday, but taking care of the Mini Athlete obviously took precedence. Here’s to hoping I’ll get a run in tomorrow – but if all else fails, I’ll be running with the Island Running Club on Saturday! See? Told you that accountability thing is strong motivation for me!

Have you ever taken care of a sick child? The worst part is the fact that we couldn’t explain to him what was going on and he couldn’t tell us how he was feeling. 🙁 


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8 Responses to Sick Sick Sick

  1. Glad your babies are all feeling better!

  2. Taking care of a sick baby is so hard! Especially when they don’t know how to communicate what hurts, what they want to do etc. the husband and I plus both children had the stomach bug it’s pretty popular this year!!

  3. Ali

    Aww! Hope everyone is better. It does stink one a little one like Mini Athlete gets sick because they can’t understand what is going on. I think the other hard part is just getting them to take any medicine or fluids. Hopefully the bug doesn’t affect Mama and baby!

  4. Aww… Poor Mini Athlete! Here’s to hoping you and Little Miss Athlete stay healthy! I bet the Mini Athlete forgot all about it by the next day… It’s nice to be a kid, huh!?

  5. Although boo to being sick – that picture is adorable!

  6. ali

    My son (who is now 9 months old) somehow got salmonella when he was 4 months. It was horrible for the same reasons you mentioned and it made it worse that we were new parents and we definitely didn’t have things all figured out yet (we still don’t haha). I hated not knowing what was hurting him and he just kept throwing up and having diarrhea. Thankfully it only lasted a day or so!

  7. I am dreading the day my little one first throws up! I can’t handle it. Poor little guy!

  8. Awww, glad he’s feeling better, hope nobody else got it after him 🙁

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