The Second Time Around

I keep writing blog posts in my head, but I never seem to find time to actually type them out. Such is the life of a busy mom.

It’s hard to believe that I gave birth 8 weeks ago. Hard to believe because it feels like that much time could not possibly have elapsed already, but also hard to believe because it’s hard to remember life without two kids under the age of two.

If there has been one theme to my life these past 8 weeks is that everything has been different the second time around. Everything.

Maternity Leave: Last time, I worked for a university, gave birth in June and pretty much disconnected from the office for the entire summer. And when I say “pretty much”, I mean completely. This time around? I’m the Executive Director of a nonprofit and “leave” has never really happened. Well, I suppose it did for most of the month of December, but January has been full swing. I’ve hired an employee, attended a board meeting, spent a few days in the office…all while on “maternity leave.” Such is the nature of my new position. And while it has been a bit stressful, I love my job and (usually) don’t mind the extra hours.

Baby’s Temperment: Completely different this time around. The Mini Athlete was SOOO easy. Ridiculously easy. Little Miss Athlete is easy too…but not as easy. She completely melts down anytime we try to go anywhere in the car. Hates the carseat I guess. She has (so far) refused to take a bottle. She still eats every 3-4 hours and is going through a phase right now where she wants to be held ALL the time. Like I said, completely different. But she sure does look cute in pink. 🙂


Mom’s Temperment: Totally different. My stress level has been much higher – I always feel like I’m not “doing enough” no matter how much I do. The laundry and dishes never stop. I’ve had a touch of the “baby blues.” That didn’t happen last time around.

Weight Loss: Ridiculously different. Last time, I gained 40 lbs and worked my BUTT off (literally) to lose it. Many of you followed that journey. It was hard. It took a long time. But I did it. This time? I’m eating whatever I want (when I actually have a chance to grab something that is), running only once a week and I have lost all the baby weight. All of it. I fit in clothes I haven’t been able to wear in five years. I wish I knew why/how this has happened. I have no idea. Like I said, ridiculously different.

I’m returning to work part-time next week and couldn’t be happier with our childcare situation for Little Miss. Total peace of mind about that part of life. And I’m so grateful. It will be nice to get some hours in at the office without an infant in tow, rather than doing work at my kitchen counter in the evening after the Mini Athlete is in bed and my husband is taking care of Little Miss. Hopefully, we’ll get into a new rhythm of life and maybe I’ll actually run more than once a week. Maybe.

For now, I’m enjoying my weekly run with my running group. I’m enjoying snuggles with my two babies. And I’m enjoying sitting here at my computer right now, watching my husband rock our sweet baby girl to sleep. Life is busy. Life is full. But life is good.


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4 Responses to The Second Time Around

  1. Omg, she is beautiful! That’s so crazy how different your body has been this time around. Glad you have a good baby care plan in place too. Happy for you 🙂

  2. Jen

    Sounds like your figuring it out. That is awesome I always hear every pregnancy, every recovery, and every baby is completely different. It’s truly amazing and crazy that its so very true.

  3. Rachel

    Good job! Just a side note: not to detract from your weight loss AT ALL, but keep an eye on your thyroid if you keep dropping weight. Pregnancy and birth can mess with your hormones and I’ve had more than one friend get lower and lower weight-wise post-pregnancy and finally realise that their thyroid a weren’t working properly. Hopefully you’re just really lucky this time around though!

  4. My daughter hates the car- doesn’t mind her carseat but at soon as we open the car door and clip the seat into the base she starts screaming- I hope this passes soon.

    Also she rejects a bottle unless someone besides my husband or I are taking care of her and we have to not be home for her to take one so don’t worry she will eat if she is hungry!

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