Mom Muscle

This past weekend, Old Navy featured my post about their Active Wear on their Facebook page. To their more than 6 million fans. Cue minor freak out.

Which photo did they use? This one.



Yep, my backside featured on Old Navy’s Facebook page for all the world to see. Never ever thought I’d see that happen.

The best part about this pose is that you can’t see the laughter on my face at my ridiculousness for even pretending I have back muscles. I haven’t lifted a weight in about a year. Literally.

I couldn’t help but laugh again when someone commented on Old Navy’s photo saying, “Wow she is strong”.

(The person who wrote “Show off” made me laugh pretty hard too.)

But the truth is that I am strong. Stronger maybe than I’ve ever been.

It’s not because of multiple reps at the gym. It’s not because of kettlebell swings, endless squats or bicep curls.

This is what we call “Mom Muscle.”

Because you see, this is how my little ones like to be held.


(And is that not the BEST photo ever??)

My 25 lb toddler and 11lb baby are always in my arms. Of course, it’s usually one at a time, but my husband and I are both getting pretty good at the dual hold.

Every time I have to pick something up off the ground? I’m holding a 25 lb weight known as the Mini Athlete. Anytime I am out running errands, I’m holding the 11+ lb Little Miss Athlete in my arms.

It reminds me of my Granny who never understand why people went to the gym. She always said, “By the time you get done getting done washing the windows every morning and cleaning the baseboards every afternoon, you’ve gotten enough of a workout!” Well, yes…if I did those things every day. 🙂

My dad is the same way. He’s gotten into running, but other than that, he doesn’t “work out”. He works. Hard. He has what we jokingly call “old muscle.” The kind of muscle that comes from hauling mulch and moving furniture around the house. Sure, he works a desk job. But when he gets home he’s working out – by working hard. And at 54 years old, he’s not slowing down anytime soon.


Well, not as long as my mom keeps creating lists of things for him to do. 🙂

So moms – don’t stress about not making it to the gym. Work on that “Mom Muscle” and your benefits will be twofold. You might surprise yourself with a few extra muscles, and you’ll get some extra snuggles in the process.

Every time my arms get a little tired from holding one of the babies, I hold on a little while longer. Because I know these days will be gone all too soon and I’ll miss hearing my little boy’s sweet voice not-so-patiently asking, “Up please!”

What is your favorite kind of “real life” exercise?

FYI:  The winner of the Picky Bars giveaway is Jen! She has been contacted by email – thanks to all who entered! 


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13 Responses to Mom Muscle

  1. Mom muscle is no joke! It is for real!

    All those “airplane” lifts are making my abs look good!

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have much “Life” fitness yet, it will come one day. Wish more people out there would play with their kids and maintain their fitness level through interaction.

  3. cleaning is one of my favorite workouts! Spending two hours kneeling cleaning floors, tubs and toilets and vacuuming is the most underrated workout ever but when I’m stressed I turn on pandora and just get to it room by room. Soon enough I’ll have baby in my arms that will most certainly be more of a workout than I could ever prep for!

    Kudos to you lady – you look great!! 🙂

  4. I love this! It reminds me of when I was younger and I’d work on my aunt’s farm. There was no better workout than squatting to pick beans for three hours or mowing the lawn with a push mower. And the bonus is that you are getting two things done at once!

    My favorite non-gym “workout” taking a long walk while talking to my mom on the phone 🙂

  5. My real life exercise is definitely chasing my 4 year old twin girls. They are forever moving and it’s a workout to keep up with them!

  6. Sometimes real life exercises are the best! Being a mom is not for the weak!

  7. “Mom muscle!” – I love it. I’ll have to tell my mom about that one!

    And your granny was not kidding – cleaning windows/bathrooms/the kitchen, vacumming, etc. is a workout in and of itself. Functional training in a way I suppose!

  8. It’s so true! I think I’m only below my pre preg weight because I run after H all day and constantly am picking her up, too. No wonder we are exhausted at the end of the day- we’ve been working out for hourssssssssss 😉

  9. My favorite real life exercise is probably yard work! I love spending the day outside and getting something accomplished. I don’t really enjoy cleaning my house, but I do like when it’s all finished and I can relax in my clean house!

  10. Jen

    Congrats on being on their FB page!

    You are NOT kidding. Lugging around a toddler will do a number to your arms and shoulders and neck and back. They’re heavy suckers! I don’t know how you hold two of them- I’m so impressed!

  11. Imade E

    Mom muscle is a real thing. Did you and your husband date through high school?

  12. Liz

    There is definitely something to be said for none traditional exercise. If only people would just think of it as moving. I think the quality of their fitness lives would improve immensely. 🙂

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