Running 10 Weeks After Having a Baby

I had a baby 10 weeks ago.


I have to keep reminding myself of that.

No, I can’t run very far. No, I can’t run very fast.

But that’s okay. I’m out there. And I WILL get better.

I actually ran twice this week (whoohoo!). I ran one morning before work (that alarm felt SO early)…


…and I ran this morning with the Island Running Club.



Yep, our little running group is growing!

See the lady all the way on the left? That’s my mom’s friend, Debi. She is an absolute sweetheart and joined us for the run this morning. I ran with her and desperately tried to keep up. We did two miles in just over 22 minutes and I had to really push myself that second mile. I kept telling myself, “You’re running with a GRANDMA!” when I felt like I was going to die. A very in-shape Grandma, of course.

It was humbling.

I still have a long way to go.

But I’ll get there.

My 5k is a month away. I don’t really have a goal for the 5k other than to finish it. Of course, secretly I’ll be dreaming of finally getting a sub-30 minute 5k time (one of my life goals) but I’m realistic enough to know that this probably won’t be the time.

That’s okay.

You know one good thing about taking eight months off from running? I’ve missed it. I really look forward to running. Yes, it’s hard. Yes, it hurts. But every time I lace up my running shoes and start down the road, I get a ridiculous grin on my face.

And that’s a good place to be.

Have you ever taken a break from running?



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14 Responses to Running 10 Weeks After Having a Baby

  1. I’ve only run 4 or 5 times since Thanksgiving (and all two and a half miles or less) to give my body a break between two half marathon training cycles. It’s been really great, and I’ve gotten to do lots of other fun workouts in place of running! Now that I’m starting to train again, I’m looking forward to my long runs!

  2. Bee T

    I take running breaks all the time! (But I’m a reluctant runner who runs just for the triathlons). When I feel really, really reluctant, I go out to the trails or go out with a group so I can feel the support of everyone else.

    My big “comeback” was after a bike crash and a hip injury landed me on crutches for a while. My first few months back were slow and ugly, but with lots of stretching and slow builds, I got back to where I was. You will too!

    Good luck on that 30 minute milestone! That’s a big one!

  3. I took a few months off formal training after doing a 10k in October. I was starting to work full time and got a boyfriend, so I was adjusting to my new schedule. It was a good break, and I couldn’t wait to get back out on the road!

  4. Your doing great!
    My daughter is 2 months old today (9 weeks tomorrow) and I just did my first run last weekend – it was GREAT. I too missed running when I was pregnant and now am thrilled to be able to get back out there. I’m putting off my first 5k until the spring as I really want to get some good training in before then, plus it’s challenging running in the winter in Nova Scotia – I say this as we are getting another snow storm.
    PS – your daughter is pretty cute.

  5. Suzanne

    I have never taken a real break from running but I will be soon 😉

  6. I take breaks whenever life gets busy, like I won’t workout if we go on vacation for a week or two. And that’s ok, it really does just make me happy to start back up. It’s nice wanting to workout and not doing it just because you feel like you should!

  7. I’m on a hiatus from running right now… it’s freezing cold in PA and I’m loving my new gym membership and yoga deal! I feel like I will be more inspired to run when it’s a beautiful sunny spring day, we’ll see 🙂

  8. Jen

    I’ve taken a few breaks from running due to injury, and you’re right, the great thing about that is that the return to running is so fantastic. I’m currently a break to nurse a nagging injury that wouldn’t go away, but also because I am pregnant. I decided that that was only increasing my risk of making things work and that it was the perfect time to take a break from running. I’ll pick it up when I’m ready, after baby is here, and hopefully my hip will be fully healed by that point.

    Congrats on your return to running!

  9. Stefanie

    I had a baby 4.5 months ago and I am still struggling to get back into running. I’m so lucky to have a supportive husband who takes time with the baby when we get home from work so that I can go for a run, but I’m so exhausted, with still so much to do in front of me. I’m doing the walk to run program, which worked for me a few years ago, but it’s a slow process. Awesome that you’re getting back out there so quickly!

  10. I started running with the Couch 2 5k program last year. I ran from June-October (one time in November). It got cold, and I didn’t have a goal (or a running partner) and I quit. I told myself I was taking the winter off. As I kept reading blogs, talking to friends, looking at upcoming races, etc… I was ready to start again last weekend. I started back at week 1 day 1 and am so excited to be back into running (I’ve completed day 2:)! It does feel amazing and shows that you can take a break…then get yourself back up and GO again!

  11. I’ve never really taken a long break from running, but I probably should. Breaks are good because the body needs to heal and readjust itself with the changes it’s going through…

  12. Jen

    Good for you!!! It’s hard starting to run again after baby whether you ran right up to their birth or took time off. You are one amazing mom!!

    I also am developing the mommy guns I love em and they are definitely a side benefit to carryin a 1 year old everywhere.

    Good luck and I hope you finish sub 30 min!!

  13. Good for you! I am eight weeks postpartum and starting to think about jogging again (I call it shlogging….)

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