Special Moments

What an awesome weekend.

Did we do anything extraordinarily special? No.

Was the weekend full of extraordinarily special moments?


We woke up bright and early on Saturday for our weekly run with the Island Running Club.

New people!



Many of our regulars couldn’t make it and I quickly realized that I would be the slowest in the group. Gulp.

We set out on a three mile out and back route that took us past the beach.



Alanna and I stuck together for most of the run, but after we hit the 2 mile mark, I encouraged her to go ahead. We had been doing 3:1 intervals (run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute), but I just couldn’t keep it up any longer.

I went down to 2:1 intervals and watched her pull away.




Yes, I came in dead last in my own running group.

Well, actually, Alanna turned back around about a tenth of a mile from our destination to come back and run it in with me. She said, “No mommy left behind!” Love her.

Despite coming in last, I was super proud of myself. Why?

I ran THREE miles! That is a new P2BPDR! (Post-2nd-Baby-Personal-Distance-Record).

And I ran it at a pretty good pace for me! I finished the 3 miles in just over 33 minutes. There is definitely room for improvement, but I was pretty happy with that time. Unfortunately, later in the day, my body painfully reminded me that I gave birth two months ago. My pelvic region still hasn’t totally recovered…at least not enough to run 3 miles without being sore later. But I know that will get better with time.

We came home from our run to quite a crowd at our house. Why? My parents were having a garage sale!



What did that mean?

Lots of family time!



Good times.



My husband and I went minivan shopping on Saturday afternoon…with no luck. Is a minivan still in our future? Yes. Do I know which one? Not at all.


Sunday brought more simple, yet wonderful moments. First, church as our little family. Then some projects around the house. After his nap, the Mini Athlete did what he could to help Daddy. I’ve started noticing lately that he wants to imitate everything Nate does. Precious.


A few errands, some blogging and the Grammy’s…

Not a bad weekend. Not bad at all.

Did you have any simple but special moments this weekend? Tell me about them! 





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4 Responses to Special Moments

  1. “No mommy left behind” – love that! Alanna sounds like a great running friend!

    Congrats on your post 2nd baby progress!

  2. We got to spend lots of time with my FIL this weekend (he was in town for a conference). And again, I was reminded of how lucky I truly am. Glad you had a simple, special weekend!

  3. Good job on those 3 miles!!!!! That’s so awesome that you started your own running group, so cool.

    My weekend was a combination of hibernating/relaxing! I had a girls day on Sunday that involved lunch, a pedi, some thrift shopping, make up and a photo shoot… it was awesome!

  4. That’s a great pace, new mommy or not! Keep up the great work 🙂

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