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Today I enjoyed my first day off work in…12 days? I think that’s right. It’s all blurring together. 🙂 And like your typical crazy runner, I decided to wake up early on my day off to go pound the pavement. Once again, I am so thankful for our Island Running Club because without the accountability, I doubt I would have made it out there. Just look at this awesome group!


Plus three others not in the photo. Our little group is growing! I set out this morning, not really sure what to expect. I haven’t run in two weeks so I wasn’t expecting much – but I am always hoping for the best.

I somehow managed to run the first two miles without walking. That’s a huge accomplishment for me! My pace wasn’t the best – right around 11min/miles – but I’ll take it. I left my iPod at home and tried to just enjoy the run. And I really did.

The third mile was much more difficult, but not impossible. The warm weather is back here in Florida, and the humidity was in full swing! Hoping for a little cooler temperatures next Saturday for our 5k…

After our run, my sister mentioned that she had a trip to Ikea planned for the afternoon. Ikea? Hmm. I’ve never been. And I had no plans. Sounded like a fun adventure to me!


That place is CRAZY. It’s like Disney World meets Target. It was almost tough to even see everything because there were SO many people there!

I did manage to spend plenty of money (how do little things add up so quickly??) and I fell in love with these bathroom vanities. I’ve mentioned before that we are renovating our bathroom and I think these would look great!


But I’ll save that purchase for another day.

See you next time, Ikea!


Are you an Ikea shopper? What has been your favorite purchase there? 


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8 Responses to Ikea Shopping

  1. Liz

    I definitely are a Ikea groupy. I live in the Orlando area and was thrilled when they open a store there a couple of years ago. There is a crazy appeal to shopping there and the prices are so good.

  2. Haley

    Ikea is the best!!! So addicting and I swear it takes a couple of visits to really figure everything out….

  3. Jen

    I haven’t been to ikea in 7 years but its over an hour away in downtown Chicago yuck. I loved it tho

  4. Jessica

    Ikea is definitely one of our favorite places.

  5. LOVE Ikea! They finally opened one in Denver, about an hour from my house so we go about every three months and make a fun day of it. I love the kitchen things, rugs, and kid stuff the most.

  6. HeatherM

    I love ikea! We probably buy 75% of our furniture there. It is only about 20 min from my house, so we can pop in and out pretty easily. I like to go on week nights or a few hours before they close on weekends- far less busy then. I love our malm dressers and bedside drawer units, the dresser drawer organizers, lamps, the grundtal clothes rack to hang clothes to dry by the dryer, the $13.99 step-can garbages (to keep my dog out of the garbage), the batteries (so cheap!), our dining room table & chairs. We had a piece of nice plexi glass cut to fit the top of our rectangular ikea dining room table. It looks like a nice glass top, but protects the table top from gouges/ heat/coloring/ etc. oh, and the ikea as-is section is the best!

  7. I love IKEA but the craziness can definitely be a bit much! My favorite purchase so far has been a bookcase that we’ve managed to use in 2 ways – as a shoe rack and a floating bookshelf.

  8. conni

    love love IKEA Ali’s bedroom is all ikea and we love it. Also got our laundry room cabinets there. Fun place to shop.

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