The Mini Athlete’s First Race!

Warning: Incredibly cute photos ahead! 🙂

A few days before the Suncoast Classic, I discovered that they had Kid Races!

first race

I just couldn’t resist.

The Mini Athlete is 21 months old, so we registered him  in the 1-2 year old, 100 yard dash division.

I had no idea what to expect. The Mini Athlete is going through a bit of a clingy phase (that has lasted approximately half of his entire lifetime), so I wondered if he might just hang onto my leg the entire time he was supposed to be running.

But wouldn’t you know? This little guy got SO excited when we were putting his race bib on him. He couldn’t wait to run! He saw that finish line and just wanted to sprint toward it!





In retrospect, I should have just let him run.

Let’s just say this race didn’t handle the Kid Races in the way this momma hoped they would.

For some crazy reason, they made us all line up along the race course, but let the oldest kids run first, from their starting line at 500 yards back to the finish line, while everyone else watched them. Then the next group. Then the next group. Then the next group.

Anyone who has a toddler recognizes the problem with this.

A toddler does NOT understand why they have to wait to run.

Sigh. But no one listened to me.

So by the time the 1-2 year olds finally got to line up, most of them were cranky and out of sorts. They were over it.




But I still had high hopes for the Mini Athlete. He lined up at the starting line with Daddy behind him. And then a mom decided to run up and put her daughter right in front of him.



Please note that this child does not have a race bib – little race bandit! 🙂

Well, having that cute little girl in front of him threw the Mini Athlete off. And then when they yelled “GO!” and the whole crowd started screaming…


Combine that with the fact that I didn’t realize it probably would have been a good idea to run holding his hands like the other parents were doing…

Suddenly my child was having a meltdown, and started running the wrong way to find me (outside the finishing chute).


We regrouped and ran as a family toward the finish line. But I’m sorry to say that the Mini Athlete finished last in his age group.

Oh well. He can only go up from here, right? 🙂

Oh and the race had also run out of medals when we crossed the finish line, but luckily someone was able to find an extra box so the Mini Athlete got his first finishers medal. I think he was pretty proud of himself.


While one of the Mini Athlete’s favorite activities around our house is running (he loves to have us yell “Ready, Set, GO!” before he runs down the hallway), we might be waiting a little while before his next organized race.

But he sure did look cute in that race bib. 🙂

Has your child ever ran in a Kids’ Race? What was your experience like?



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17 Responses to The Mini Athlete’s First Race!

  1. Oh my word. Cuteness overload indeed.

  2. Oh my gosh this is just adorably cute! Your son is seriously just as cute as can be! They definitely should’ve had the youngest kids run first!!

  3. aww! and yeah, no toddler waits! obviously, someone without toddler knowledge planned that!

  4. OMG If that is not the cutest thing ever!!! My daughter will be 21 months next week and I would love to find a little race for her! She loves to run around the house too and try to put on mommy’s ginormous, boat sized 11 running shoes! lol 🙂 But seriously….cutest photos ever!!!

  5. He is TOO CUTE for words! And I love that you guys had him participate in a little race. 🙂

  6. Hands down, the most adorable race recap I’ve ever read. I love his “Mini Athlete” shirt!

  7. Alice Hasty

    My daughter ran a few kids races but either a parent ran with the child OR at one race that she loves to do, the college kids run with the kids. We can never start too early to introduce our kids to fitness!

  8. His little sweatpants and shoes are absolutely killing me. I think my ovaries are glowing. So adorable 🙂

  9. Jodi

    This post made my day. Those photos are so cute!! Cheers to the mini-athlete!

  10. Imade E

    He is so CUTE. And his hair is perfect. I hope me child hair is that pretty.

  11. Adorable!!!!

    I hope that Max gets to run a race next year!

  12. OMG, too frickin cute! I bet he felt really proud with his metal. He is just like his momma!

  13. Ara

    Sounds like the race was poorly organized. I’m sorry he had a bad experience, but he sure did look cute in his race bib and finishers medal!

  14. Too cute!!! Yes, a few hitches going on in that race, but hey – it’s a great start to a hopefully long and awesome running career for the little guy!

  15. I love the Suncoast Classic for many reasons, but I agree that they do not handle the kids races very well. I hope you filled out the survey! They have a problem with the kids’ medals every year also. And why don’t they give medals to the kids who do the one mile or the 5K? Christie’s daughter did her FIRST 5K, and she’s only like 7 and she really wanted a medal. Christie was able to finally get one for her, but it shouldn’t be an ordeal. Last year my kids did the Pelican Mile and were disappointed not to get a medal, so I let them bandit the kids’ dashes in their age groups so they could get a medal. That’s ridiculous. It’s the Suncoast Classic “Run for Kids” for pete’s sake. Give all the kids a medal! And make sure you order plenty. I think they were the same medals from last year, so just order tons extra. Also, they spelled my name wrong on their home page (being the #3 top individual fundraiser), haha. No biggie, but if I’m on a rant…LOL.

  16. Oh my! That is the cutest race I’ve ever seen!!! 🙂

  17. Love your photos! Makes me want to get on a plane to FL just to meet YOU and your kids. They are ADORABLE!!

    My nephew ran his 1st race when he was 5 and yes he looked cute too.

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