Finding Time to Run

I have an 8k race this weekend.

My longest run in the past 10 months or so is 4 miles I ran this past Saturday. It wasn’t easy. I seriously almost called my husband halfway through to ask him to pick me up. But I did it.

Average pace? 11:40min/mile.

I haven’t run since Saturday. I’m averaging one run per week.

I keep thinking, “Oh I’ll run in the morning before work!” Then my almost 2 year old wakes up at 2am and 3am wanting to watch basketball. No joke.


Once we get him back to sleep, my 3 month old wakes up wanting to eat. And then I’m supposed to be somewhat coherant by the time I get to work at 9am. No, it appears that for the time being, morning runs are out. I need all the sleep I can get.

So maybe now that it’s light later, I can run in the evening! I only get about 2 hours in the evening with the Mini Athlete after I get home from work, so I want to maximize all that time with him. But now that it’s light when he goes to bed at 7pm, maybe I can sneak out for a run!

Oh wait. I have dinner plans tonight with my inlaws. I have a speaking engagement tomorrow night – and Thursday night too.


A while back, a few months after the Mini Athlete was born, I wrote a post “When Do Working Moms Work Out“. I’m trying to remind myself that things got better after I wrote that post, and hopefully things will get easier for me soon too. I wrote another post for Fitness Magazine on the topic, and I’m trying to take my own advice.

Yes, I need to give myself a break. There is no need to be hard on myself. But the fact of the matter is that I WANT to be able to run more often. And truth be told, IĀ could find time. Somewhere. My mom has always said, “You can do anything you wanna do – you just gotta wanna.”

I need you to hold me accountable.

This blog has been such a source of accountability for me over the past few years. I need you to remind me to take time for myself. To set goals for myself – and work to achieve them. To remind me that I’m worth it.

In the meantime, think about me on Saturday morning when I attempt to run my 8k. This ain’t gonna be pretty – but I know I can do it.

Any advice for finding time to run despite a hectic, sleepless schedule?


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  1. Heather

    I am thinking the same thing but my kids are 9 and 3. I don’t have them waking up as much as you do. I was hoping with it being light out I could get a run in or two during the evenings this week. However, I am still at work at almost 5:30 and probably will be for another hour then have to get everyone home, fed, and homework done. I could really use that run to calm some nervous energy. Good luck in making it work. Your mom is right. I find time to do everything else but I just can’t run on a treadmill. Maybe I can at least get some time in on the stationary bike tonight.

  2. HeatherM

    My park district has an awesome huge 3-lane indoor running track above their gym, open until 10pm. So I like to go run there about 8:30-9pm. I can put my music on and just go. It is my wind-down time, my me time. And I don’t have to worry about the finicky cold weather here in Chicago. Do they have any indoor tracks in your community? Some schools have them too.

  3. I commend you for even attempting to run anywhere ever so soon after giving birth! I always gave myself a solid year before attempting to exercise after childbirth. Haha! I do have 4 children though, and I can relate to needing that time each day for yourself. It truly is that blessed hour for me each morning where I take a little time for me. That’s what gets me out of bed early. Knowing this is my only chance at time for myself! šŸ™‚ And it will get easier to find that time as your kids get older…I speak from experience!

  4. (((()))))

    Would you be able to run on your lunch? Or right after work before you go home?

  5. I am a busy mom of just one, but I work full time and have an evening/weekend part time job. Typically I find time after the brat has gone to bed, or during lunchtime at work! Also, early weekend mornings even before my day starts! Sometimes its overwhelming, but I find that if I did not make time for my workouts/runs then I would be even more overwhelmed šŸ˜‰
    Good luck with your run this weekend!!!

  6. Love your mom’s quote “just gotta wanna”. Boy, isn’t that the truth?

  7. Amen! I’m in the same boat as you (minus the toddler) and I’m really struggling right now. The extra hours of light seem promising but I’m still failing to find the time to get out there. I just find it more important to spend as much time as I can with Z AND I have to coordinate my work outs with my pumping schedule. Also, I feel guilty that our dogs no longer get walks so walking them seems to also come before running. I’ve been dying to get out there; I even bought a new pair of shoes that taunt me every time I walk into my closet. I really hope it does get better as Z gets older and has a more predictable (and early) nighttime routine. Kudos to you for getting out there with 2 kids and good luck this weekend!

  8. Erika

    Hmm… I guess I would suggest to work shorter, higher intensity/faster runs instead of longer runs just to shorten up the time spent away from home. I have finally found a routine that works for me (though it does require getting up at 4:00 a.m.) but as we start to think about adding a 2nd child I know that routine will change and then I don’t what I’ll do. Evening runs can be good too and maybe they will even help you sleep better (not necessarily longer but with more quality sleep).

  9. anna

    i totally support working out but man, i have a 22 mo old and a 3 mo old too — i am lucky to get a walk in. i know this time is precious with them and my 3 mo old will be sleeping better in no time so i am riding the wave. this past weekend i took 90 mins out to read a book in our guest room. i could’ve worked out but i really needed that. i’ve found by honoring what i need while negotiating and enjoying family life, i don’t feel so pulled thin. i know life gets easier in a few months so i am putting no pressure on myself at the moment. i did with my 1st and i never felt present in any particular situation. this time, i’m just taking it slow and easy and i feel so much better.

  10. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You have two kids, a husband, and a career. Take it easy and enjoy it.

    Good luck this weekend. Try to have fun. Isn’t that what running is about? šŸ™‚

  11. I think I’ll keep your mom’s wise words in my head today. I’m a bit overloaded and Hailey’s screwed up daylight saving sleep schedule isn’t helping. I just need to wanna do everything on my to do list… šŸ™‚ Good luck!

  12. I’m with you on this too. I just went back to work three weeks ago and it’s super tough finding the time. I usually run on my lunch break. We are fortunate to have a small gym in the basement of my building. Without that, I probably wouldn’t find the time.

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