New Goals

I have to admit – sometimes it’s hard for me to remember a time when I worked out five or more days a week. That person who appeared in Fitness Magazine? Seems like it must have been another woman. But it was me.

Life has changed. Priorities have changed. Time is at a premium. But I do miss that part of me.

It’s time to start making it a priority again. I’m signed up for a few races in the fall – including an Olympic distance triathlon and a half marathon. Yikes.

The next race on my calendar? A sprint triathlon on August 31. Guess that means I should finally get pedals for the bike Meghann gave me (before she takes it back as she has threatened to do.) 🙂

I need to come up with a training plan – and actually stick to it. For now, my goal is to run Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Then maybe I could add a bike ride on Saturday mornings? Swimming will be a little bit more difficult as I don’t have access to a lap pool – although the ocean is about two miles away.

Have any of you tried to restart a fitness plan after being pretty much sedentary for a while? I’ve been running about once a week (only about 2 miles) but I definitely need to step it up!

Oh and because I’m sure you’re curious – here’s a current family photo. Hard to believe the Mini Athlete is two years old and Little Miss Athlete is already 7 months old! Time flies!



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3 Responses to New Goals

  1. Oh how gorgeous is your family! I am very interested in your plan to get back into it – I have no idea where to start myself

    Bless you and yours

  2. Yep. I’ll be starting from scratch come mid August since my baby is due July 8th. I’m so ready and keep telling myself baby steps and build from there. I know it will be a long road, but I’m excited and actually more mentally prepared this time. Good luck to you!

  3. Katie D.

    Your family is beautiful!!
    I haven’t been sedentary (zumba and combine training each 2 x week) but running has not come back at all! Granted I’m only running once or twice a week but it SUCKS and it HARD and I HATE it. I’m just hoping that I’ll sometime turn the corner and enjoy it again!

    Good luck! I think signing up for the races is smart – I have no races and very little motivation.

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