I used to do a lot of running. I would run laps around my neighborhood. I would run in the dark with my best friend. I would run long runs on cool Saturday mornings. I would find solace in running. I would find peace. I would listen to worship music on my iPod, and I would meet God. I would run until I couldn’t run anymore. Run until I felt out of breath. Run until I felt the incredible rush of reaching a new distance or speed record.

I still feel like I’m running. But I’m not logging miles.

I’m running from board meeting, to staff meeting, to preschool, to grandma’s, to the grocery store, to cook dinner, to do laundry, to get some sleep.

I’m still running – but it often doesn’t bring solace.

I’m still running – but I have a hard time finding peace.

I’m still running – but I often feel too busy to meet with God.

I miss those days. I miss that type of running.

I’m not sure when I’ll “fit it in” to my schedule, and quite frankly the thought of trying to find time stresses me out a little bit. But I’m going to try to recapture that same spirit in my current “running” life.

On my way to a board meeting? Time to meet with God and seek His wisdom.

About to walk into a staff meeting? Take a moment to stop, reflect, and thank Him for all He has done.

Heading to preschool? Enjoy the silence in the car, and look forward to the chatter of my two year old.

Stopping in at Grandma’s? Appreciate the fact that both grandmas live just a few miles away and have taken care of watching Little Miss this summer (along with my Super Crafty Sister.)

Driving to the grocery store? Revel in some alone time.

Pulling out the pans to make dinner? Be thankful for my husband who is probably the one who washed those pans and put them away.

Looking at the pile of laundry waiting to be folded? Realize it won’t really matter if it sits for one more day and it’s not worth stressing out about it.

Crawling into bed? Thank God for the blessings of another day – for good health, for a job I love, for a family I adore, and so much more.

This is what running looks like in my life right now…and it’s my goal to enjoy each and every step.


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9 Responses to Running

  1. Love you and that crazy awesome attitude of yours mama. 🙂

  2. Lisa

    I know how you feel…thanks for letting us know we are not the only ones living a busy life..xx

  3. Jenn

    Love your blog and your outlook! My running has been put on hold with two little ones and another on the way. I’m not dedicated enough to get up early. And I just tell myself they won’t be little forever so I better enjoy it. 🙂

  4. Nala S

    Hi Callie! Thanks for sharing a different and positive aspect on how to look at daily runs in life as opposed to true workouts. I do hope you’ll get to run like you used too. But for now keep up the positive outlook and thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Angel

    LOVE your outlook…I am working to have the same! I have an almost 4 month old, my husband is deployed and I am also on active duty in the Army. Trying to get through work, taking care of a house and dogs and my beautiful daughter while trying to maintain my relationship with God, a positive attitued and work on my fitness is overwhelming at times. But some days I just have to leave the house work and the workout for another day and get in my cuddles with my sweet girl. Thanks for the encouraging post! Your little ones are gorgeous!

  6. DSedivy

    AMEN AMEN AMEN – My struggle doesn’t compare as I only still have 1 but I finally told myself that running/working out will make its way back into my life one of these days. Until then – I will refuse to let the lack of it add to my stressers! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  7. Amanda Kellogg

    Great post, Callie 🙂

  8. Beth in the City

    Good job, Mama! Your kids are young and you are shifting, finding new ways to talk to God. Finding peace in the midst of a busy schedule is so important. I’m 42, mine are 17 and 14, so I’m just hopping in here as an “older” mom to say – you are on the right track! Be flexible, find God, love your family.

  9. What a beautiful post. This is so, so true. I’m so glad I found your blog.

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