Remember the Fallen 5k

I have woken up early on plenty of race days and fairly often I have dragged my family out of bed to spectate.

But it’s rare that I’m the one waking up early to spectate.

To everyone who has come out to watch me run – thank you. Just in case I didn’t say it before. Because I have to admit, sleep sure sounded like a better option this morning.

But my husband was running the Remember the Fallen 5k in North Port, Florida and the babies and I were going to cheer him on. Little Miss Athlete even debuted her adorable Nike tempo shorts for the occasion. Precious.



My husband had been doing a lot of trash talking with our friend Kati, and knew he had his work cut out for him today. We have never been to this race before, but we will definitely be back. What an awesome way to honor those who serve.


The race kicked off right at 7:30am and Nate came out looking strong.


The Mini Athlete was pretty impressed by the helicopter circling overhead. He kept saying, “BIG helicopter!!!”


The runners started appearing toward the finish line about 16 minutes after they started. They were flying! And before I knew it, I saw that pink shirt flying toward the line. He finished 23rd overall!


His official time was 21:56 – and he placed first in his age group. Our friend Kati finished not too far behind him.


Her official time was 23:09 and she finished first in her age group. Not bad for a mom of three who just started running in February! Amazing.

I have a feeling a rematch between these two will be in the works soon. Kati doesn’t like to lose.


Oh and I forgot to mention my dear friend Casey who completed today’s 5k at 37 weeks pregnant. Can we say superwoman?!?!



I had hoped today’s race would give me some motivation to get out there and run. Nope. I’m still struggling in that department. I feel like my running mojo left when I birthed my second baby. Strange, right? I’m wondering if maybe I need to “re-enter” the working out world with something different – like a boot camp or kickboxing class. Something to jumpstart me. But who knows. Maybe I just need to buckle down and DO it. I really have no excuses – just have no drive.

For today, I really enjoyed cheering my friends and family on as they ran a great race. And hanging out with these two cuties of course.


People have been asking me lately if they’re twins. I can’t imagine why. 🙂


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8 Responses to Remember the Fallen 5k

  1. Holy cow, little miss has gotten so big! Both your kiddos are beautiful! I always try to let my spectators know how much I appreciate them — makes the race so much more fun when you have someone waiting for you at the finish line!

  2. Maybe you’re right and running just isn’t for you right now .I struggled for a long long time with motivation to run but tried that whole ‘fake it til you make it’ thing. I ran lots and lots of races…but still never really found a love (or even ‘a like’) for it, and never really made the most of my workouts. I stopped running in early 2012 due to some medical issues and while I still sometimes miss events, I can’t say I miss running right now. Maybe someday I’ll try again, but knowing that I don’t HAVE to run to exercise or be ‘fit’ I’m enjoying being active much more. Hope you find what works for you!

  3. Jen

    You have such a beautiful family! Always makes me smile to see your pictures. Nate makes it look so easy – is it really??? Congrats to him!! And as far as your running – you run every day, after those kids, taking care of your family, and working. You’re running your own marathon! And when/if you’re ready to get back to running, it will be there waiting for you. It’s not a bad thing to enjoy the time with your family now. Life goes so fast as we all know. 🙂

  4. I love spectating! Congrats to your hubby on his first place age group and how adorable are the kids!! They have grown up so much!! I love the pictures.
    Hope to get on the running ban wagon soon but as we all know, you can’t push something we are not into!

  5. Great 5k times – ones to which I, as I’m working to get my fitness back, shall eventually aspire! Congrats to them.

  6. After I ran my half, my motivation to run really took a dive (the hot & humid summer weather surely didn’t help). I thought signing up for a 10K would force me to get out there and follow my training plan, but instead I found myself dreading every run. I finally threw in the towel and focused on other things and I literally don’t miss running at all. People keep asking me if I have any races coming up and I’m like ummmm, no I don’t do that anymore lol. I’m a weightlifting machine now 🙂

  7. Your kids are sooo adorable! 🙂

  8. Tim

    I love the fact that your entire family comes out to support you racing. Awesome

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