Happy Birthday Little Miss Athlete!!!

Look who is ONE today!



Can you believe it?!?!

Neither can I. It feels like I was JUST announcing her arrival.



I work with pregnant moms every day and one of the things I tell them is to write down their birth story as soon after it happens as they can. You think you will never forget the details, but you will. I’m so glad I wrote my birth story (Part One, Part Two, Part Three) so I can go back and read it anytime I want!

This little lady is spunky, sweet and totally Daddy’s girl.


She has the best smile, an awesome temperament and isn’t afraid to roughhouse with her big brother. They are quickly becoming the best of friends (and I’m often asked if they are twins).


Happy 1st Birthday, sweet Little Miss! I’m excited to see what the year ahead will hold.


I am so blessed to be your Mommy!




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2 Responses to Happy Birthday Little Miss Athlete!!!

  1. Happy Birthay Little Miss Athlete! I can’t believe she is one! How time flies!!!

  2. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

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