1st Birthday Party for Little Miss Athlete

We threw a 1st birthday party for Little Miss Athlete on Saturday and brought together some of our close friends and family to celebrate our little girl.


I still can’t believe my baby girl is one!

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(Just FYI, all good photos in this post are courtesy of Meghann – all not-so-good photos are courtesy of my cell phone.) 🙂

We scheduled the party for 10-12 on Saturday morning so we went with a bit of a brunch theme for the food. I used this recipe for the quiche and I really wish I had made more – people were raving about it! Not bad for a first attempt at quiche. I will definitely use this recipe again in the future! My toppings were spinach and some chicken-apple sausage. Delicious!


We kept the rest of the food pretty toddler friendly – pretzels & hummus, strawberries, clementines and grapes.


We kept the decor really simple, just putting up some pink crepe paper (which the kids LOVED by the way). And then when my parents came over, they brought this gift for our Little Miss…


What a perfect chair!


The chair quickly became the backdrop for the rest of the party and I’m so glad we have it. Little Miss sits in it ALL the time now and rocks her baby dolls. Precious. My mom found it at Tuesday Morning – what a great find!




Little Miss enjoyed opening some presents…


1461217_10103844347773093_1690672833_n (1)

And the Mini Athlete enjoyed helping her. This makes me really excited for Christmas next month.


She even got a pink guitar, so now she can play like her big brother!


And then it was time to try a cupcake. She dug right into the frosting…but then wasn’t sure she liked the way it felt on her hands.


We wiped the frosting off her hands, and she found her way to the cake…


Now we’re talking!


Mommy’s sweet baby girl.


Let’s just say she got a little more confident with that frosting…


And Daddy had quite a job washing it out of her hair that night. 🙂




We had one more gift to give her. This little girl LOVES hiding in forts, under the covers, etc. When I saw this tent, I knew it was perfect for her!


She loved it!



The Mini Athlete is a big fan too.


I think it’s safe to say this little girl had a BLAST at her first birthday party!


Happy Birthday, Little Miss Athlete!


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  1. Holy moly, I can’t believe she’s one! Happy Belated to your beautiful daughter.

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