Jingle Bell 5k – Organized by Yours Truly!

Remember how we organized a Turkey Trot in our small town last month?

Well, since we don’t have a holiday-themed race here either…you guessed it…we organized one! Say hello to the Jingle Bell 5k runners in sunny, warm, Venice, FL!!




I loved running in the Jingle Bell Run up in St Pete and I wanted to recreate a similar feel here in our small town of Venice. I wasn’t so sure about doing it at night for safety reasons, but I wanted a good reason to wear my holiday-themed running gear – Santa kneehighs anyone?




We met at the same spot as the Turkey Trot and ran the same route. Gotta keep things simple. And I was really appreciating the simplicity when it came to be December 21st and I realized I had a million things on my to-do list without including organizing a 5k! But once again, my awesome race crew of a family came through.





This all seriously wouldn’t be possible without my Dad who picked up the water and bananas (donated by a local church), set out the mile marker signs and used his truck to collect the donated canned goods. The elf hat was a good fit for him!



My little sister drew another great sign for this race…oh to be artistic.



Oh and yes, I actually ran this 5k! While pushing the Mini Athlete no less. Forget the fact that I haven’t run since BEFORE our Turkey Trot (since I didn’t run that day). I decided I wanted to try to run and right before we lined up to race, my husband (who usually pushes the Mini Athlete) brought the stroller to me and said, “Will you please push him? I want to race.” Fair enough. I actually enjoyed pushing him! He has become quite the little cheer leader. Especially since he’s used to running with his (fast) daddy and he kept saying, “RUN FASTER MOMMY!” Sorry son, that’s the best mama can do right now!

Since it was an out and back route, we got to see Nate leading the pack on his way back. He and his friend Larry were running together and were trying to push each other’s pace. (Can you believe Larry has lost about 150 pounds in the past two years? Craziness.)


Nate ended up beating Larry by about 4 seconds and finished with a time of 22:02. They are crazy fast!

The Mini Athlete and I coasted in around 35:30…definitely not a great time, but not bad considering I haven’t run in a month! Best of all, I had a great time out there. Little Miss seemed to have fun with Amma while we ran…





And we were so thankful to collect so much food for a local food pantry!


One of the best parts about organizing these two races is the amount of people (young and old) who have told me this was their first 5k. Amazing! I love being a part of motivating people to do something new.

Did you run a holiday-themed race this year? When/where was YOUR first 5k?




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4 Responses to Jingle Bell 5k – Organized by Yours Truly!

  1. What a great thing to do in your community. Way to go, Callie!

  2. wow you did it again! Kudos to you, this is such a sweet way to get to know your community :)

  3. HOW CUTE IS YOUR DAD IN THE ELF HAT??? Love that you’re doing this for your community! You’re a rockstar, even before running with the mini-athlete!

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