Christmas Tree Pizzas – A New Tradition?

I just had to share this particular Christmas-related idea with all of you. We didn’t have any plans this Christmas Eve (other than going to the candlelight service at our church) so I knew I wanted to do something special for dinner. But what? I wasn’t up for making a big fancy meal (a chef I am not) and I didn’t want to be stressed about the meal or how much we were spending on it. I also didn’t want something that would require a lot of clean up.

We recently went to a friend’s house and made pizzas with the toddlers. The Mini Athlete LOVED it, it was quick, easy, cost-effective…who says you can’t do pizza on Christmas Eve?

To make it feel more holiday-themed, I decided to shape the pizza dough crust (bought at Publix!) into Christmas trees. I bought some green pepper and pepperoni’s to decorate our “trees”. They turned out great!



And we all had a great time making them.


pizza5   pizza7


I have a feeling these will be a new Christmas tradition!

Anyone else make a special meal on Christmas Eve?




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3 Responses to Christmas Tree Pizzas – A New Tradition?

  1. Cute pizzas! I had to work Christmas Eve, so by the time I got to my parent’s I was pretty much eating leftovers :(

  2. We do Chinese every year on Christmas Eve. Cute trees and awesome tradition that you are creating there though. :)

  3. Ara

    What a great idea! So cute!

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