Starting the New Year Right

If every day of 2014 turns out as well as today, this is going to be a CRAZY good year.

For the past few years, I’ve started the new year by going to Goodwill for their 50% off sale. It is awesome and crazy and the line is just like Black Friday. It is one of the most entertaining things to observe, and you never know what kind of deal you might find.

I arrived at our Goodwill at 8:30am and I was the FIRST in line! (Only by a few seconds – thankfully I walk faster than the old people who parked at the same time I did. Haha.)


Just for comparison’s sake, this is where we were in line for one of the 50% off sales last summer.


I was pretty proud of myself.

That is…until the store manager let us know that the store wasn’t opening until 10am instead of the usual 9am. Oops. I was an hour and a half early.

I had a dilemma. Should I go home for a little while, lose my place in line, and have to go through the kids potentially getting upset over me leaving again? Or do I have a seat on the sidewalk, drink my coffee, and read a book on my Kindle app?

I chose the latter.

Within 15 minutes the line had grown – I wasn’t the only one spending over an hour in line at Goodwill on the first day of 2014.


At this point, I really started hoping I would find something good.

My mom arrived and took this photo through her laughter at the sight of me at the front of the line.


We chatted away while we waited for the doors to open. “Junkin'” is one of our favorite activities to do together and we rarely miss the adventure of a 50% off day together.

My shopping trip did not disappoint. I got a shirt for me, shorts for the Mini Athlete, three pairs of shoes, wrapping paper, three “wall decor” items, an FSU throw blanket, a book…and a few things I’m sure I’m forgetting…all for a total of $25. But THIS was the best find of the day…


This entire Fisher Price playhouse set for just ONE dollar!


Such a great find. Although part of me wishes I had brought this guy home too:



I could totally see myself leaving him at a friend’s front door, ringing the doorbell and running away.


Makes me laugh just thinking about it.

And while my shopping trip to Goodwill was pretty awesome, the rest of the day has been pretty good too. Inspired by the #wannabechallenge, (January Challenge: The Wannabe Housekeeper), I completed my Wednesday tasks and felt pretty accomplished!

So accomplished in fact, that it inspired ALL the laundry to be done, banana bread to be baked, dishes to be washed…whew, I haven’t felt this domestic in a long time. Β Let’s hope it sticks. πŸ™‚

I’m so excited to hear that so many of you are Wannabe Housekeepers like me. Keep me posted about how you’re sticking with the schedule (or not sticking with it, whatever the case may be). Feel free to post on social media about it too with the hashtag #wannabechallenge. I hope you’re off to a great start!

And now it’s time for me lay out my clothes for a 3 mile run tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping for a second great day of 2014!

Did you stick with the Housekeeping Schedule today? How was your first day of 2014?


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3 Responses to Starting the New Year Right

  1. 50% off at goodwill?, that sounds like my kind of shopping trip. Way more worth it to wait in that line than the ones for black friday, glad that you had such a great start to the new year πŸ™‚

  2. I love shopping at goodwill, especially at the start of the new year once everyone has put their goods in to get tax return slips. Just last week I went & got a nice top and a sweater for under $2! Looks like you got some really great buys too!

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