When a Wannabe Housekeeper Deep Cleans Her Kitchen Appliances

As you know, I’ve been keeping this cleaning schedule for the month of January…all 6 days of it so far.


It’s going pretty well so far! Definitely not perfect, but I’m enjoying the structure of knowing what I’m supposed to be doing every day. I was really looking forward to the FREE days on Friday and Sunday – but then I saw the “Swing Day” chore for Saturday – clean oven, microwave AND fridge.

Confession: I don’t think I have cleaned my oven or my fridge since we moved into our house in August 2012.

It was time.

I started on Friday with the fridge. I don’t work on Fridays so I was home with the two kiddos. I did the fridge during naptime and it turned into a MUCH bigger project than I anticipated!

I filled a bucket with warm water and added baking soda. I took a rag and wiped down ALL the surfaces in the fridge – some of them needed a lot of work. Part of me wishes I had a “before” picture, but then I’m worried none of you would ever want to eat at my house again. So instead, let me show you the pretty “after” photo.



I worked Saturday and had a pretty busy day, so I put off cleaning the oven until Sunday.

I know there’s an “Auto Clean” button, but I wasn’t so sure about trying it out. So I decided to go the old fashioned way – put the two year old to work!


Just kidding.

I mixed up some baking soda and water (my new favorite cleaning mixture – obviously) and put it in a spray bottle and let the Mini Athlete go to town.

(BTW, did you notice his big boy haircut!??!?!)

After he had thoroughly soaked the oven, I pulled on some rubber gloves and went to work.


Let me tell you, that was HARD work! I used a brush for most of it, but had the best luck scraping up the yucky stuff with a cheap plastic putty knife of all things. (I wouldn’t recommend using a metal one since you would probably scrape up your oven.)

By the way, for my northern friends, I HIGHLY recommend this as a snow day activity when you can’t make it to the gym. This was one of the best arm workouts I’ve gotten in a long time. My arms were shaking when I was done!

I just kept brushing, spraying and scraping over and over again and finally, it looked like THIS!


Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but a BIG improvement.

I also did the freezer and the microwave which were tiny tasks in comparison.

Honestly, I’m not looking forward doing this chore once a month – but I’m thinking if I did it that often, it wouldn’t be so overwhelming…right? 

How often do you clean your appliances?


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15 Responses to When a Wannabe Housekeeper Deep Cleans Her Kitchen Appliances

  1. Kim

    It definitely won’t be so bad if you keep up with it once a month. I’ve also found that after I give the fridge a good scrub down, I’m more likely to keep it cleaner. If the shelves start looking funky, I’ll just grab a sponge or paper towel and wipe down just that shelf real quick.

    I use the self clean on my oven. It takes about 4 hours and just just gets your oven REALLY REALLY hot. Once it’s done you just wipe up everything from the bottom. Now that I think about it, I might give that a try tomorrow when the temps in DC are going to be below zero!

  2. I’m impressed with your clean oven- I just use the auto clean!

  3. conni

    I recommend pulling the oven out away from the wall every 10 years or so and clean the sides. we had to pull ours out Sunday (been there 17 years) and it was so dirty and gross.

  4. Tara

    I have been so motivated by your wanna be housekeeper posts that I also deep cleaned the over, microwave and fridge this weekend!!

  5. Nala

    I’m glad your housekeeper challenge is going great. Keep it up!!

  6. Kathy in Chicago

    I only got to 2 of the 3. Did the microwave & fridge. I was going to do the “oven clean” mode, but with cold temps, & I faintly remembering opening up all the windows & doors & pulling the batteries out of the smoke detectors the last time I did this, so I was putting this off until April. Now you inspired me to go back & use elbow grease to clean the inside.

  7. conni

    I remember Mom helping once when I was sick, and she was cleaning the house, and called into me “when was the last time you cleaned out this microwave?” what I’m suppose to clean it?

  8. Ara

    I HATE cleaning the oven. We had to do that earlier this year when the oven broke & we wanted to make the oven look 1/2 way presentable before the maintenance guys for our apartment complex came over to fix it. Lol. The fridge needs to be cleaned desperately. I haven’t cleaned it because I haven’t been sure of what to use to clean it. But since you used warm water & baking soda, I think I’ll bust that out this weekend and clean the fridge. My boyfriend’s kids will be over this weekend too. Maybe I can get them to help.

  9. I need to clean my oven out. You have given me inspiration to put that on my need to do list.

  10. Crystal

    A quick question about the list, when you put in a load of wash before work, do you also have time to dry it, and take it out of the dryer? I always forget about mine/run out of time and it ends up stinky and I have to wash it twice.

    • This is a really good question. I have been putting the load in the morning, and then switching it over when I get home from work. I haven’t found it getting stinky, but if I were to forget to switch it when I got home (or if I had things to do after work), it probably would be that way. So I’m wondering if there is a better way…any ideas?

  11. Crystal

    Maybe laundry in wash first thing in the AM, then dryer as I’m heading out to work. That probably gives me enough time for a full wash cycle.

  12. We’re trying to sell our house and I face these tasks in the next month (cleaning them before I have to just doesn’t seem appealing). I haven’t cleaned my oven in about a year, but I use oven cleaner – it’s nasty smelling and probably not healthy, but it works like a charm!

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