My Next Race is a Guaranteed PR

That’s right. I am guaranteed a PR at my next race.


Because I’m running a distance I’ve never run before. No matter what happens, it will still be a PR! 🙂

My best friend and I have been toying around with the idea of registering for a race to motivate us to get out to run more often. Because, let’s face it. Two kids have a way of slowing you down, literally and figuratively.

My best friend lives in Tampa so we set our sights on the Gasparilla 15k. We’ve been talking about it for months and then the moment of truth came – the registration price would be increasing the next day. Here is a glimpse into our text conversation that night.

gasparillatext (2)

So appropriate.

Shortly thereafter, we did it. We registered.

We’re committed.

On February 22, my best friend and I will be running 9.3 miles. Please note, I have not run more than 5 miles since my second baby was born 13 months ago. Gulp.

I’ve been running 3 miles here and there and ran my first “long” run this past Saturday – four miles. I was putting my shoes on and the Mini Athlete insisted he wanted to go running with me. Why not? I put him in the stroller and we set off down the road.


Oof. He’s getting heavier. And about halfway through, he had enough. He kept yelling, “RUN FASTER MOMMY!” Sorry, kid. This is as fast as I go. Then he told me he wanted to run with me because, “Basketball players need to run, Mom!” I promised him he could run when we got home. I finally appeased him by handing over my phone and letting him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. What in the world did moms do before smart phones??

We arrived back at home with a time of 46:50 – an average pace of 11:52 which isn’t too bad considering all the time I had to stop to re-start Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when he would accidently touch the screen (and subsequently freak out).

When we got home, he reminded me of my promise to let him run. We put his running shoes on and we headed out the door.


This little guy amazed me. I figured he would make it to the mailbox, but he actually ran around the block – almost a half mile! And he smiled the whole time. He is definitely living up to his nickname!

I’ve got a lot of training to do over these next few weeks, but I’m looking forward to pushing myself to a new goal…and a new PR. 🙂

What’s the next race on your schedule? Have you ever run a 15k? 


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5 Responses to My Next Race is a Guaranteed PR

  1. My next race is my first half marathon in Feb, I do have a 15k in April that I want to sign up for. Good luck on your race. I’m sure you’ll do awesome.

  2. Kim

    My next race is a guaranteed PR too! I’m doing my first 1/2 marathon in March.

    A 15k was my first race longer than 5k and got me hooked on running the middle distance races. 15k and 10 milers are my favorite distances so far.

  3. Catie

    I ran my first 15k two years ago when I was training for my first half! The half I ran did a special fee into another 15k and called it a “training series”. I would have liked it a lot more if my runner’s knee hadn’t flared up afterwards, but I had a great time while running it. 🙂 I’m a big fan of 10 milers, so it was nice to have one just a liiiiitle bit shorter.

  4. Nala

    Good Luck on your training for your 15k! I have the hot chocolate 5k coming up later this month – it’s my first time doing a race and I’m pretty nervous – even though I’ve been training for a year now =/

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